Restaurant Schønnemann – A Danish Smørrebrød Feast

Since being in Denmark, we wanted to try a Denmark’s specialty and what better way to have a Smorrebord feast at the famous Restaurant Schonnemann. This place is known to serve one of the best open sandwiches in town and has won many awards for their food. And since they only opened during lunch, we decided to make a trip down. The restaurant was quite easy to locate being near the shopping area


Reservations are recommended cos it was packed during lunch hour with many locals dining there


The restaurant has a touch of classic European which made you feel like transported back in time




Soren’s Special kr178

Pan-fried smoked eel with scrambled eggs and chives served on toasted rye bread

Honestly I was quite skeptical of the rye bread just cos I had bad ones in Iceland. It took me awhile to decide before I finally settled on one of their popular choices. And I must say it was really quite delicious. Even though the eel was cold, I like the combination of the smokiness of the eel together with the sweetness of the scrambled egg. And the rye bread was surprisingly acceptable


Served with Paradise Apple Snaps in small size kr38

The best way to eat the Smorrebord is to have it together with a glass of snaps, which is a strong alocohol drink. Yes, it was so strong we were so glad we took the ’embarrassing’ cup


Butcher Munch’s Favourite kr128

The original Skagen cured ham with mushroom omelette served with butter toast

Even though the friend didn’t like hers very much, I thought this combination was pretty decent too. The flavours come well together and I like the contrast of it

Well, we finished the meal only with one Smorrebord each and we were already full. The menu recommended 2 to start, 3 to be full and 4 to finish your meal with a smile. Seriously, I don’t know how one can eat 4 pieces, these people are amazing. I’m not sure if I had the best Smorrebord I ever had but I think this place does serve pretty decent Danish fare and perhaps worth a try if you are thinking of having it

Restaurant Schønnemann

Hauser Pl. 16, 1127 København K, Denmark


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