Restaurant Week: Sky on 57 – A Twist on Modern Dishes

I picked Sky on 57 by Justin Quek due to the favourable dishes I’ve tried at Epicurean market and even though it was a surprise menu (which can go either really awesome or really terrible), I decided to put some faith in it. And it was fortunate the location was near the office, so which makes a good lunch time location. We were seated with a pretty good view overlooking the bay and we were lucky the sky was clearer than usual, so you could actually see something

I thought the cup and saucer set was very pretty. ha

Complimentary Bread

Japanese bread (left) and Parmesan Bread (Right)

The bread was so delicious we finished them in seconds, and we were secretly hoping they would come around and give us a second serving #sotamchiakiknow

And they eventually did. 😉

And since it was a surprise menu, with only item in each category, there’s actually nothing to choose from. So we waited to be served

Kurobuta Wanton w Sautéed Prawns, Lobster & Tomato Sauce

We were honestly surprised by the portion of the starter. Like I would have thought it would been just a few pieces

That being said, the wantons were really delicious. The filling was springy with a nice texture and the wanton skin was silky thin. We like the combination of the chinese vegetables with tomato sauce that was tangy without being too overpowering. The prawns and lobsters were good as well, with the lobsters stealing my heart specially. It was a dish that definitely tastes better than it looks

Sakura Chicken w Sauteed Mushrooms, Potato Mousseline, Shao Xing Wine Sauce

Being semi full, we went to conquer the next dish. The best part of the dish was the sautéed mushrooms soaked in the buttery sauce that was fragrant and appetising. You can taste the chicken infused with a touch of shao xing wine with that sweet aftertaste. The meat, though was a little dry on some parts, but the dish as a whole is still enjoyable

So feeling full already, we were betting on the size of the dessert and for once, we were hoping the smaller the better (lol)

JQ’s Signature Freshly Baked Fine Apple Tart w Vanilla Ice Cream

And when the tart arrived, we were so excited by the presentation cos it was unusual for an apple tart to be in that form. And while I was engrossed in taking my photos, someone asked if we enjoyed our meal. I thought it was one of the waiters but when I looked up, Chef JQ was standing infant of me. ha #okayiwasshocked

Back to the tart, we really enjoyed Chef JQ’s take on the classic apple tart. It felt like a deconstructed version with the thought of the diner not to feel too full on desserts. Yet after finishing this, you will want another portion of it. The pastry was light, crispy and balanced with the right sweetness of the apple caramel sauce. But the best part to down it all, is with a little scoop of the vanilla icecream

You know how difficult at times when you want to find a place with a view that serves good food. I’m glad this place actually exceeds expectations. To top it off, being a celebrity chef restaurant, I would think diners are actually more critical than usual. Sky on 57 serves mainly Asian cuisine, yet with a refreshing take on these classic modern dishes. Lunch and dinner menu are different for those who would like a different experience, and who knows you might even meet the great chef himself

Sky on 57

Marina Bay Sands Tower 1

Level 57

10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)

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