Restaurant Week: Brasserie Les Saveurs – The St. Regis Experience

This third edition marks the closure of my restaurant week experience. Similarly, it’s one of those booked-out restaurants in previous cycles so I decided to give it a try and since I love French cuisine. I was surprised they were not ready at 7pm and a string of diners were waiting to be seated. Fortunately or unfortunately, this was also a surprise menu and there was only one option from each category which meant we don’t have much choices to choose from. And the friend brought up a point, what if we don’t take beef? Well, then I guess you have nothing to eat then

The interior of place is elegant and classy, a reflection of the luxury-branded St Regis hotel

Complimentary Bread to kickstart the evening

Amuse Bouche

Can’t remember what it was, but it tasted really strange

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna

I thought the texture of the tuna was too dry and a little blend and it leaves an unpleasant wet aftertaste if your mouth

Cauliflower and Truffle Veloute w Grilled Tiger Prawn

The soup was creamy and has a nice flavour of the cauliflower and truffle combined

Braised Angus Beef Short Rib w Pumpkin Barley Risotto

I didn’t like the risotto, both texture and flavour wise. The ribs have a strong beefy taste, though it was cooked really nice and tender. As a whole, I thought this dish doesn’t really stand out

Chocolate Genoise Sponge and Tahitian Vanilla Icecream

The sponge cake was really dry and a little tough. A slice into the cake has the cake falling apart into brittles. I felt like the dessert was just a combination of 3 different components, yet without complementing one another

I thought the best part of the meal was the bread, with the rest of the course failing to shine. I was disappointed, not because I had any expectations of this place but the food as a whole tasted bad, to the point we went to Ice Cold Beer after that to have chicken wings and fishballs. To conclude, booked-out restaurants doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. But at least I can cross out this place now

And because the friend insisted I have to thank him for the priority code – here’s a line for you, the irritating one (you know who you are). Please give me the code for the next cycle as well 🙂

Brasserie Les Saveurs

The St. Regis Singapore

29 Tanglin Rd, Lobby level, S(247911)

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