Churro101 – That Famous Korea Churros Is In Town

When a new (and famous) eatery makes its footing in Singapore, you can imagine the crowd when you visit. This was what happened when I went at like 7pm on a weekday. And to make things worse, many items were sold out =x Churro 101 is a popular Korea churro chain so I guess for those who had visited Korea before, they probably missed these treats. I dragged the friend along to try their famous churros even though I have never tried them in Korea

Dough fritters

Milk Custard Churro $4.50

So we went with their second best option since the chocolate is not available. The milk custard is good, milky and a little sweet without being too overwhelming but the churro dough felt a little disappointing just cos it’s too doughy in my opinion

Cream Cheese Churro $4.70

I gave up on the cream cheese after awhile just cos it tasted too gelat. Gelat + wet fillings = No No

Cinnamon Churro $3.50

So we got one non-filling churro to try as well and I’m sad to say the conclusion is the same

I’m honestly a little bit confused about this churro chain and don’t really understand what’s the hype here. Maybe I’ll try the one in Seoul one day. But I felt like this place was a little overhyped. Having 3 churros for 2 people was a little overdosed and what makes it worse was when reality didn’t meet expectations. Oh wells, I still think the best churro comes from amusement parks 😉


#04-01, Bugis Plus

201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

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