Restaurant Week: Ristorante Takada – A Take on Japanese-Italian Fusion

Last weekend marks the start of the Singapore Restaurant week where participating restaurants will launch a special menu just for this event. We went to try one of the restaurants that were booked out the previous cycle which was a Japanese-Italian fusion place located at Alexandra road. The restaurant was nestled among a block of residences and just a short walk away from Queenstown mrt, though we also wonder why such a random location

Tomato Bruschetta

A very normal portion of bruschetta

Amuse Bouche

Mushroom Cappuccino

The mushroom soup was pretty light, with just a touch of creaminess. You can definitely taste the mushroom in it though the same taste disappears within a few seconds

Herb Bread

We love the herb bread. The generous portion and second serving is just an icing on the top

Hamachi Carpaccio w Dill Sauce

The hamachi was a little fishy but if you eat it together with the sauce, it can help mask some of the taste though this dish as a whole was pretty forgettable in my opinion

Parma Ham and Mozzarella Tomato Salad

It’s funny how they only give one small little tomato. I didn’t like the cheese but I thought the salad was well tossed with sauce

Tagliolini w Hokkaido Sea Urchin +$12

I thought the tagliolini was decent but they could have given more sauce. Cos after mixing the noodles, the sauce disappears. I share a love-hate relationship with uni, cos the delicacy is so expensive they can only give so much and it’s gone in a whimper. So you are just eating the pasta, and pasta alone. The friend concluded she doesn’t like uni, and I told her you haven’t try the best. haha

Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Steak +$36

The steak was probably the best dish thus far thought the similar sauce used was so repetitive it actually didn’t stand out

Chocolate Cake “Antonio” w Gelato

Cake was dry though it went better with the icecream

Tiramisu “Takada”

The tiramisu fared just a teeny bit better though it was not the best tiramisu I’ve had

And we ended the meal with Petit 4

Based on my experience, this rendition of Japanese-Italian is definitely not the best. I thought Lewin Terrace gave a better impression on me. The food was okay but not outstanding. And location is another factor. It’s of one those restaurants that I will visit only if I stay in the area and too lazy to go anywhere else

Ristorante Takada

356 Alexandra Road, #01-07 Alexis, S(159949)

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