#regsteffsayido @ The St Regis Singapore

Having 2 back-to-back weddings is very bad for the waistline but the cousin’s wedding gave a lasting impression for me, in many ways. There were many ‘wah, this is the first time I…’ moments, lol but I meant them in a good way. The wedding was held at St Regis and even though I didn’t have very good memories of their dim sum, I anticipated what dinner brings

ootd: Dress from Miss Selfridge, Shoes from Madame Flamingo

Pre-cocktail was a feast of champagne, suckling pig, Peking duck and non stop canepes. The champagne was decent and the food was good. It was difficult to not snack so much just cos the food keeps appearing in front of you

Wedding favors: toileteries and powerbank

Live band to accompany the evening

Three Treasure Combination

(From Left) Deep Fried King Prawn w Cereal, Pan Fried Foie Gras and Smoked Duck Meat with Crystal Pear & Plum Sauce

Really like the duck, the prawn was innovative and the foie gras was forgettable

Braised Bird’s Nest Broth w Crab Meat & Sea Treasure

Generous portion of bird’s nest, accompanied with superior broth

Braised Baby Abalone w Sea Cucumber

A yummylicious looking dish with no faults

Oven Baked Cod Fillet w Japanese Miso Sauce

The fillet was a disappointment, just cos the miso sauce was so salty I wanna cry eating it

Playing games on stage. It’s different from my other weddings I’ve been cos the couple don’t usually provide entertainment for the guests

Slow-cooked Pork Rib w Mantou

Even though I was so full at this point, I have to mention that the pork rib was a worthy mention. Tender, moist and delicious

Oven-baked Lobster w XO Mee Pok

The mee pok was thin yet springy and well coated with XO sauce. It’s definitely memorable since most of the time you”ll get ee-mee for noodles

Double Boiled Hashima w Snow Fungus

Caramel Pecan Nut Wedding Cake

The cake was actually pretty good. It has a good balance of flavour with being too sweet and the cake was moist as well

Dessert Buffet

Ah, ya dessert buffet to top it off


Honestly, this felt like a 10+ course dinner. Way overstuffed, but I guess it’s the couple’s way of making the guests happy.

I’m thankful I just had one more wedding to go

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