Joo Bar – Korean Bar with A Modern Twist

Cos it was TGIF and what better ways to end the week than unwinding over some good food and drinks. I’m glad the friends readily say yes to a drink with me so we decided to visit Joo bar, a place that specialises in brewing their own makgeolli which is pretty rare in Singapore. The owners are not new to the f&b scene having owned Sticky and Eight Korean bbq. The place covers a span of three stories and can be full easily so reservations are recommended. The interior is a little dark yet mysterious but you can easily have a cosy corner of your own

On the third floor


A combination of radish, potato and anchovies. Simple yet satisfying

Makgeolli Sampler Set $35

(From right) Original, Yuzu, Mango, Strawberry and Lychee

For those who never really try makgeolli before, the sampler set is a good way to start. There are actually numbers to tell you which to start first, possibly from the lightest to the strongest in terms of taste and alcohol level. We like it, there was pretty much nothing to fault on

Truffle Fries $14

A hot favourite among the table. The fries were very crispy yet not overcooked and you could taste the truffle till the very end

Joo Wings $18

Sweet soy sauce marinated deep to the bones of the wings with a crispy exterior

Seafood Soft Tofu Stew $24

The tofu stew was really delicious though it gets salty and spicier when you get to the bottom

Seafood Gochujang Risotto $24

The rice was nicely done and the red pepper cream sauce was sweet without being overly creamy. You might have mistaken it for tomato sauce if you didn’t read the description closely. We enjoy the rice as much as the fresh seafood and the hidden prawns in the rice

Slow Roasted Mangalitsa Belly $32

Served with Shredded Chives and Dijon Mustard

Honestly, I can only taste the fats here. They are really called pork belly for a reason and it’s really fatty. eek

Yucha Sojurita $28

Frozen Soju-Yucha-Cointreau-Lemon Juice Mix with Hite Beer

Really awesome, but we realised we have to pour the beer out periodically if not it would be just all beer at the end

Gangnam Dreaming $22

Joo Brew, Chambord, Grand Marnier, St-Germain, Champagne

Really strange, I don’t know if I don’t like it or hate it

Hite Beer $10

Makgeolii Slush (Passion Fruit) $22

This was delicious too. The passion fruit took centre stage so much that you forgot about the makgeolli in it

And the interesting thing was you can still taste the ice in it

Even though at first glance you might mistake this for a pure bar, but Joo bar has more than that to offer. They have a whole variety of food to choose from and if you prefer hard liquor, they do serve that as well. It’s definitely a good place to chill and relax and if you prefer a non-bbq Korean restaurant (like me), this is one to consider

Joo Bar

5 Tan Quee Lan Street, S(188094)

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