The year of weddings is coming to an end soon (I can see it within reach!). 9 weddings, 4 bridesmaid duties is no joke. I’m glad this marks my last bridesmaid duty and at the time of publishing, I would have left with one more wedding to attend. Oh gosh, we are all that age aren’t we? Soon, I will be attending one month old parties. Ha. Anyway, another close friend of mine got hitched and here’s the recap in pictures

This is breakfast for us, just in case you are wondering

This is “breakfast” for the guys

Cos it smells so legitimately good, the sisters decided to add some more sauce to it

The groom hated mushrooms, so we had vinegar, honey, coffee and sambal to make it special 😉

And the pretty bride!

Putting some finishing touches

Bridesmaids without the bride


Sharing the love for mushrooms


Just me & you

The entourage

Stealing a wefie with the bride

By this time, we were 3/4 dead. LOL

Part 2!

And they live happily ever after..

Introducing the nicest smelling dessert table from The Spatula and The Pen

And they taste so fabulously awesome

All gone in a blink

These brownies are divine

And gold dusted macarons, too pretty to eat them

For those interested, please visit @nglitying on instagram

Recept duties!

Moving on to the banquet dinner

Li Bai Deluxe Traditional Hors d’Oeuvre

The smoked duck was really delicious

Soup of Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw & Scallops

Baby Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Hong Kong Seasonal Vegetables

Scallops w Snow Pea, Lotus Root and Chinese Celery in Spicy Sauce

Steamed Canadian Cod w Garlic and Spring Onion Sauce

Li Bai Herbal Emperor Chicken

Stewed Hong Kong Vegetables w Abalone Mushrooms

Stewed Ee Fu Noodles w Prawns

Yam Paste w Ginko Nut

Dinner was pretty decent. I mean it’s Li Bai, it cannot be that bad. The only thing I don’t like was the yam since I don’t eat yam. Ha. I was telling the friend who is getting married next year please don’t choose yam for the menu. lol

Fellow councillors

And ending the post with all the brothers and sisters 🙂

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