Benjamin Browns – Milkshakes You Give A Second Look

Paid a visit to Benjamin Browns cos the friend wanted to try their famous OTT milkshakes. These milkshakes have been going around instagram lately for its over the top toppings and of course, being instagram worthy pictures. The cafe was small and very crowded and at some point, they seemed like they didn’t have enough staffs to handle the crowd. And food, doesn’t come out as fast either. Well I’m just glad we were not in the rush for time

Truffle Fries $15

I cannot believe this fries are worth $15 #heartattack

I think having something salty is always a complement to too much sweet stuffs

I went for the 3 course Omakase breakfast without knowing what they exactly are but well, there’s where the excitement is

3 course Omakase Breakfast $25

First course: Salad with Pear and Parma Ham

Pretty decent salad. I mean how wrong can a salad go

Second course: Seafood Chowder with Butter Toast

We really love the chowder. The use of fresh seafood and the addictive chowder just got us wanting for more. The brioche toast was a little dry though so it would be better if you can dip it into the chowder to eat

Third Course: Yoghurt Muesli

Which I didn’t like it. Well, I take yoghurt and muesli but this rendition tastes a little funny

Sizzling Beef Cubes $25

The beef cubes were a little tough, perhaps they have sizzled a little long and I find the sauce too overpowering

Thai Milk Tea Over The Top Shake $16

Honestly, it is really delicious. Lets not think about how much calories is this shall we?

 Tim Tam Over The Top Milkshake $16

The tim tam one is even better. My advice is one milkshake is enough for 2 pax. So please do your maths before you order

I thought the 3 course omakase was pretty good and value for money. And having the entertainer one-for-one makes it even better. I will love to go back for their awesome milkshakes but perhaps once in a while considering how much calories they are. This place is a little small but if you are prepared to wait, they do serve some decent food in Orchard area

Benjamin Browns

Forum The Shopping Mall

583 Orchard Rd, S(238884)

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