Ruth’s Chris Steak House – The Steaks With That Sizzling Sound

After our last disappointing steak experience, we decided to try another steakhouse and Ruth’s Chris came to mind cos it was recommended by the friend. Honestly speaking, I was not familiar with this steakhouse or rather whenever people want to have steaks, this place isn’t the most recommended place. Located inside Marina Mandarin, this restaurant was quiet on a weekday evening other for a room that was booked for a private event. And there were not many locals there either

A little country feel

Yet classy and elegant

Complimentary Bread

Barbecued Shrimps $60

I didn’t realise these shrimps were so expensive but it was one of the recommended dishes. Shrimps were fresh and crunchy though I personally think this dish was pretty forgettable

Oscar Style $20

Crab cakes with asparagus. The crab cakes though stay together were loose when you cut into them easily. You can taste the freshness and abundance of the crab meat together with a mixture of greens and what was awesome is they used pure crabs with no flour

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms $45

Huge mushrooms with even more mushrooms hidden underneath. Honestly, this is a hell lot of mushrooms

Ribeye, 340g $85

The part I enjoyed most was the sizzle of the meat when it arrived at our table. And the sight of the beautifully done ribeye makes it better. I love the ribeye alot. It was juicy, tender and the fats were melt in the mouth kind of awesome

Petit Filet, 250g $80

Even though it may looked a little dry on the outside, but they were not. Cooked medium rare, it has that sweetness and the awesome steak flavour with fresh peppers grinded at our table. But I still prefer the ribeye 😀

And they give you a hot plate of their signature butter sauce to go along though this is also the very same plate you have to cut your meat in. So I would think some people wouldn’t like such combination as they prefer their steaks to be clean as it is

Pinot Noir, Ata Rangi Crimson, New Zealand $25

I realised I was too engrossed in the food to take photo of the wine. I only took notice of it towards the end of the meal. ha

So when you are done with your meal, they bring out a tray of desserts to egg you to try their desserts. We were pretty shocked cos initially we thought how did they make their desserts in record time and realised later that these are strictly for illustration purposes cos the desserts are 2 days old. lol

Cheesecake $24

We went with their signature creamy cheesecake. We were assured we had the fresh one. And it was really awesome. I like how they deconstruct a classic cheesecake yet you still enjoy the whole dessert together

There were a lot of mixed reviews on this place but I must say the steaks here are pretty decent. The prices for other dishes however might seem a little steep. So my recommendation is go big on their steaks, one side and straight for desserts and you will have a very filling meal

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

6 Raffles Boulevard,

Marina Mandarin Singapore, Level 4

Singapore 039594

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