Mitzo – Classy Modern Chinese Food in Orchard Road

I had the privilege of dining at Mitzo one afternoon cos the colleague wanted to try this place and i tagged along. The place is elegant but also exhibits some playfulness in their interior. It’s like having upscale chinese food in a bright disco setting. The place was empty cos we arrived really early but it gets crowded when the lunch crowd hits

Something to much on

We went with set menu so that we can try a little of everything and also had an additional order of the truffle duck

Mitzo Signature Set (for 2 pax) $108++/pax

Deep Fried Dim Sum Platter

(From left) Thousand Layer Radish Puff, Bread Coated Shrimp w Foie Gras, Crispy Glutinous Pumpkin in Custard

Honestly, the dim sum platter was my least favourite. The thousand layer radish puff needs an acquired taste to appreciate. The shrimp was huge and crunchy but the foie gras was a little dry which makes the combination a tad weird

Mitzo Special Barbecued Pork

And next was my favourite dish out of the lot. This bbq pork is sinfully delicious with a super tender meat and crispy skin glistening with a caramel coating and burnt aftertaste

Lobster Bisque w Poached Scallop

I like the lobster bisque. It’s comparatively lighter to western version of lobster bisque but the addition of heat in the broth makes the soup different and you can taste the small yet fresh scallops in it

Oven Baked Chilean Seabass w Lemongrass, Chilli & Spices

The seabass is fresh and sweet though I thought the sauce is a little too heavy for the fish

Black Truffle Crispy Roast Duck $36

Tender juicy duck meat with a nice and crispy skin soaked in truffle sauce

Deep Fried Prawn Coated w Creamy Lemon Sauce

I think the freshness of the prawns here are undeniably outstanding but i didn’t really enjoy the creamy lemon sauce

Pan Fried Lamb Chop w Enoki Mushroom and Onion in Xinjiang Style

The lamp chop is a worthy mention. Soft and tender with a sweet sauce to complement it, topped with crunchy mushrooms to give it a different texture

Braised Vermicelli w Prawn, Scallop & Cod Fish

I really enjoy the scallops. They are really good

Chilled Avocado Milkshake w Fried Sesame Dumpling

I’m usually not a fan of avocado but I have to say this milkshake is pretty delicious. The sesame dumpling has a nice chewy texture but the filling of chocolate + liquor, I find it too strange for my liking

Overall, I think Mitzo serves some pretty decent chinese cuisine though it’s a little upscale and the dishes are somewhat innovative. But if you are looking for a place to impress at a convenient location, maybe you can give this place a try


Grand Park Orchard

270 Orchard Rd, S(238857)

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