DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe – Might Really Need Batman to Save This Place

DC Super Heroes opened its first cafe in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. The cafe participated in Epicurean Market 2015 but I gave it a miss cos honestly, it didn’t look exciting enough even though the menu was designed by local chef Eric Teo. But I got the friends to go down and try since we had to meet at a weird timing which was neither tea nor dinner and I figure this place might meet our criteria. The place is pretty big, starting with its retail end, then a dessert and drinks specialty corner and followed by a sit-in restaurant which serves hot meal

If you are a Superhero fan, you might go crazy here

Cos simply everything is DC related and they have cool wacky menu names

Which was honestly pretty cute and got all of us excited taking lots of photos

Before we placed our order, considering we were seating at the restaurant side, we checked if we could order the drinks from the dessert cafe since understandably there are some places with policies then don’t allow customers to do so. The server attending to us obliged our requests and assured we could do so and they will just bring our drinks over for us and so with the confirmation, we went ahead to order the drinks

Batman’s Late Night Summer Latte (Iced) $6.90

Batman: It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me

Wonder Woman’s Warm-Earth Mother Mocha (Iced) $6.90

We had 2 more friends who joined us late and wanted to order drinks as well but their orders were refused by another server. We assume he’s the manager since he was in a different uniform. Reason being we can only order drinks that are on the restaurant’s menu and not from the other side. So we thought there was probably a miscommunication in their own internal affairs

Shortly after our meal came

Mr J’s Crazy Chilli Cheese Fries $10.90

With Beef Gravy, Melted Cheese & Jalapeño

Addictive cheese fries with awesome beef gravy, definitely a favourite

Superman: A Smallville Original $22.90

Chicken Patty with Grilled Pineapples, Fresh Tomatoes and Fried Egg

Decent chicken burger. The grilled pineapples gave a refreshing summer taste along with the crunchy and saucy tomatoes

Batman’s Dark Knight $25.90

Charcoal Bun, Wagyu Beef Patty, Portobello Mushrooms

Juicy wagyu patty with sweet earthy mushrooms, topped with nachos with cheese

And then the drama came.

We had ordered 3 drinks during the first round, and were short of the hot mocha which had yet to arrive. So checking with the waiter, we wanted to find out if the drink is on the way. Soon enough, the same manager came back to us insisting we could not order the drink. I think the friends were very fed up with him not only cos he was inflexible but also cos he doesn’t understand what we were asking. And if we thought this wasn’t enough, the manager shoved the menu in our face and told us to show him where is the drink on the menu. And I think that was probably the last straw. So we eventually told him to go and check with the first guy who took our order, which we all realised it’s the boss of the restaurant, aka Boss Yeo

Honestly, I think such attitude is unwarranted and uncalled for. How can a service staff be so rude? We felt insulted not only cos we did not do anything to be deserved of such treatment but also, it’s not our fault to begin with. Pfft

So the manager which we remembered his name as Senan came back to us with a 180 degree change of attitude, but our whole dining experience has already gone down the gutters

Wonder Woman’s Warm-Earth Mother Mocha (Hot) $6.90

and finally my drink came. Drama aside, the mocha was pretty good. But it could be better if we weren’t given such attitude in the first place

So with an unpleasant experience, we left the restaurant and hopped to the dessert cafe cos we didn’t want any more drama

Cakes and cupcakes

Rainbow Cake $13

Honestly, it’s really steep for a rainbow cake, and it’s really very very sweet

Superheroes Cupcake $8.90

We had the red velvet flavour which everyone said there wasn’t much red velvet taste. We wanted to order the waffles which had unfortunately ran out. Well, the desserts are pretty and photogenic and I think we should just leave it as that

It was really a pity and very disappointing what started off as a happy and exciting dining experience was gone in a instance. When you are met with such unpleasant staffs, no matter how they tried to make it up to you after that simply does not work anymore and it also makes you think twice about going back. Perhaps this Super Heroes Cafe need some Superman staff training or if not, Batman to save the day for a place with such staff with such attitude to go a long way

DC Comics Super Heros Cafe
2 Bayfront Avenue, L1-03/04/05 Bay Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972

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