Restaurant Week 2015: Lewin Terrace

The second restaurant we visited was Lewin Terrace, located in the Fort Canning greenery. Access to the restaurant was just beside the Singapore Philatelic Museum so you don’t really need to get to Fort Canning to get there. The place was nestled in an old colonial building that depicts an air of elegance and the fusion of a Japanese and French dining sounds exciting enough to whet our appetite

It was still early, and we get to appreciate the interior and exterior. One thing which we found irritating was there was a fly that kept buzzing around and it really got on our nerves

Complimentary bread basket which consists of soft bun, wholemeal and white bread. The bread was really hot, soft and delicious. We finished everything. haha

Entree: Yellowtail fish & White Radish w Ginger Foam, Black Radish & Egg Yolk

The yellowtail was really good. I like how the texture of the yolk was different here, to give a contrast to the whole dish. The white radish was really sweet which gave a beautiful balance to the meal. But what I was impressed with, was the ginger foam that gave such a nice touch to the fish

2em: WAN Sense Tsuki (+$8)

Which was Foie Gras Terrine wrapped w Japanese Pickle, and a side of Duck Pastrami

The terrine was smooth and lovely, and the addition of the pickle gave a nice acidic touch. The duck was prepared beautifully. You can taste the sweetness of the meat but also the juiciness of the fats

2em: Squid Noodle Ikasoumen

We were very impressed how the you can tell it’s totally squid but tasted like noodles. The texture wasn’t chewy but soft and emits the lingering cuttlefish taste. Topped up with a squid ink chip, this dish was a delight to feast upon

Mains: Cod Fish Saikyouyaki

The fish was actually pretty normal in my opinion. I could taste a teeny weeny fish taste on first bite and the vegetable puree didn’t actually provide any comfort

Z said the fish actually tasted a little overcooked

Mains: Le Wagyu Dans La PierreChaude Toubanyaki (+$30)

A very interesting experience to DIY in a fine dining restaurant

Yes, you really cook the meat yourself

The wagyu was so amazing. It contains the natural sweetness of the wagyu beef and totally melts in your mouth. Paired it with a little truffle salt, it’s the best combination ever

Dessert: Corn Pudding w Caramel Icecream

I never knew corn pudding tasted this good. Smooth and creamy, it’s a simple yet beautifully executed dessert

Dessert: Citrus Platter

A combination of various citrus fruits and textures, it was a good option to end the meal after all the savoury palate but of course, I still prefer my corn pudding. haha

Lewin Terrace not only has a beautiful setting but also an excellent choice of food. I really enjoy every bit of the fusion elements and also appreciate how service was commendable as well. It would be nice to be back there again for special occasions as I think it is worth every cent of it

Lewin Terrace

21 Lewin Terrace Singapore, Singapore 179290

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