Memories from my trusty iphone (:

Lunch at Isshin Japanese at Republic Plaza. And so I decided to give their chirashi a try

The colleague ordered their sushi and sashimi set which comes with an assortment of sushi

Grilled Squid, which was quite badly prepared

Chirashi Don

I thought their chirashi was pretty decent, which looks more presentable than itacho or ichinban -__- Though their tuna wasn’t up to standard and their octopus wasn’t exactly soft enough

Sesame Latte @ Whisk & Paddle

The sesame latte is pretty interesting. I don’t think it actually has any caffeine in it, probably just sesame and lots of milk. You can taste the fragrance of the sesame though it is difficult to drink after awhile cos the sesame grains kept getting in the way

Seafood Marinara

This was actually forgettable. The vongole was so much better

A night out with Z, cos we needed some wine and company. The Wine Company does serve some pretty good wine at reasonable prices. And the location at broadwalk is a good place to chill. An alternative to The Wine Connection!

Made my own salad bowl cos I feel like it

Mixed lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, macadamia nuts & big chunks of salmon 🙂

Injeolmi Bingsu at Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House

I think large is an understatement. This probably can feed 4. haha

Fishball noodles @ Lixin Teochew Fishball Noodles

My favourite childhood food 😉

The lion paid a visit at work

The company cny lunch @ Paradise Inn, which was very bad. I think the chef probably cannot handle such large orders at once. The only comfort was, the sea cucumber dish I chose was probably the best out of the lot

Brunch @ Jones The Grocer

I like the outlet at Dempsey better, in terms of ambience and choice of menu. The one at Mandarin Gallery somehow didn’t give me a lasting impression

Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte

The chai latte was pretty blah. A faint taste of chai, with too much milk

Mushroom Omelette

The omelette was good, but don’t think it is worth $18. I felt like I can make this at home, myself

Eggs Benedict

The friend ordered the eggs ben. The ham was pretty nice. Can’t say much for the rest

Wedding nails!

Me and mummy at the cousin’s wedding ❤

M’s daughter, that entertained all of us at a church wedding. Can’t believe the biggest kid back then in school is already a dad. ha

Details; dress by Miss Selfridge

ootd; for wedding number 2

Wedding nails, again. This time done at Nail Queen. I’m not that pro yet. haha

Coordinates for Wedding number 3

Cos the friend and I decided to wear keds together that day

The interior at Henri’s was so grand I cannot resist taking a photo of it. haha

The view from our meeting room. No wonder everyone likes to meet at level 32 =X

Dinner at Souled Out, KL. This summertime salad was actually pretty good. I was surprised. haha and I had salad cos I ate too much in the day .__.

Just me, and the swimming pool. The apartment I stayed in was so new, the pool was just so nice to swim in 🙂

To the infinity & beyond! 😀

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