491. Henri Charpentier @ Dempsey

The friend and I actually made a date to visit this place for the longest time ever, just cos we missed it while we were in Japan. So when they finally set foot in Singapore, we decided to pay them a visit finally one weekend. I think the restaurant actually fits Dempsey pretty well, just being atas and all. Even the interior felt very grand.

We went just after the restaurant started operating for the day, which we have the whole place to ourselves 😀

The Royal Milk Tea

And so we wonder, how royal can the milk tea get. The fragrance of the tea was really strong and you can taste, it as it overpowers the milk. But I don’t think it is worth $15 for a cup of freaking milk tea at all

Apple Juice

A very normal cup of apple juice at a very not normal price

And so, the performance begins. We ordered the Crepe Suzette which was a thin crepe cooked in a copper pan, which was their signature

First you wipe the pan

Then you place the crepe in and heat up the liqueur

And you repeatedly pour the liqueur over

And ta-da!

I would say, the crepe was silky and boosted the taste of the beautiful orange liqueur. But it was so thin we finished it in 15 seconds

We ordered the Dome as well. This time round, the performance was shorter since there aren’t much steps to do for this

Heating up the alcohol as well

And pouring the alcohol over it

And watching it dissolve and disintegrate

Into a pretty odd shape

Which wasn’t exactly presentable at all. But in anycase, I prefer the Dome cos the flavours are more beautiful and there are different layers to the dessert which is actually more exciting

Ending the meal with complimentary pastries, which was actually very good (like even more than the desserts we ordered)

I think 80% of the money you spend here is directed to the performance. It is by far the most expensive dessert I ate till date. Unless you are a King or Queen or have too much money to spend, you are better off spending your money elsewhere on other dessert places. Henri Charpentier, once is enough.

Henri Charpentier Singapore

9A Dempsey Road S(247698)

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