Kuala Lumpur: Sushi Hinata

Sushi Hinata was our first stop in KL, so much that we went there straight after touching down. We were trying to look for a ‘not bad’ sushi place in KL and decided to give Sushi Hinata a try. The place speaks of a typical sushi restaurant and I like how the place is filled with so much sunlight

The only patron, which was a Japanese!

Koshino Tamashii Junmai-Ginjo Semi Dry

We couldn’t resist some sake 😉

You know the place has some standard just by tasting the ginger. It was sweet, crunchy with a little heat after chewing

We took the omakase menu at RM250 which we thought it was quite a steal

Japanese cabbage with mushroom and dried cuttlefish

It was a very interesting dish cos it tasted very chinese and homecooked

From left: Japanese Mackerel, Tai, Ika

I didn’t like the ika for the texture was too soft and mushy though the marinate with yuzu was a lovely combination. The tai was forgettable but the Japanese mackerel was really good!

It’s so good it deserves a shot of its own

Otoro Belly

This tuna was so amazing it melts in your mouth, like really literally

Spanish Mackerel

I love how you can taste the burnt skin and enjoy the fresh and sweet sashimi all at once. The chef actually gave us some salt to pair with and it was an interesting combination to eat sashimi with salt instead

From left: Octopus w Japanese Mustard, Tai Belly and Baby Eel

Well, my least favourite 3 out of the whole meal


Chawanmushi topped with ikura

The chawanmushi was cooked with bonito soup stock so you can taste the sweet egg custard and the salty broth together at once

There’s actually a grilled flounder after the chawanmushi but it has already gone into my stomach before I remembered to take a picture of it. It shows how much I really enjoyed the whole process and the food 😀


My next least favourite of the whole meal. lol Probably cos the Japanese fish cake thing was a little too strange for it. I told the chef this was really interesting and, I didn’t like it and he laughed

Sweet Prawn

These were really really sweet prawns that tasted every bit of awesomeness



Horse Mackeral

Blue Fin Tuna

Ikura and Uni; best friends ever

When the chef asked if there’s anything we want to eat, we immediately asked if there’s uni. HA but rest assured, this was already part of the omakase menu

Bonito Flake Soup

Which was too salty

Chopped Toro w Leek Maki

This was pretty good. I was actually quite against eating the maki but, ohmygosh, no regrets!

Chilled Fruits Cocktail

The fruit cocktail was blah, but the highly acidic content is enough to wake you up if you think you are going into a food coma

I enjoy the sashimi here. They were fresh, sweet and really good. The rice on the other hand, was a little disappointing. It has warmth but lack the right amount of vinegar and stickiness. You can taste the distinct separation of the rice when you chew. I said the maki was good, cos it was the only sushi where the rice stick together well. In general, I think Sushi Hinata serves decent Japanese sushi though it’s definitely not the best I’ve tried

Sushi Hinata

A-0-1 , Ground Floor St.Mary Residence, No.1, 
Jalan Tengah 50450 Kuala Lumpur

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