Restaurant Week 2015: Napoleon Food & Wine Bar

Here comes Restaurant Week again! I’m sure many would know what restaurant week is about, so I’ll skip the introduction. Napoleon Food & Wine Bar was actually a random decision just cos it’s probably one of the closest, had more selection on the menu and the lesser few that is still available. The place is pretty small, and it was completely packed for restaurant week. Good marketing hoh, this restaurant week.

Located very near Amoy Food Centre, which has re-opened after renovation! yay

I like the interior of the place, very sophisticated

Yeah it’s so sophisticated they are tech savvy in terms of ordering

First Course – Salads

Prawn Salad

Grilled prawn salad w avocado & cherry tomatoes. I really like the grilled prawns. Sweet and crunchy though they are a little too small

Tuna Nicoise Salad

Well, the vegetables are the same. Dressing for this was lemon emulsion which was really appetising. I like the the crispy potatoes but the tuna, the main dish, was just blah. I felt that the grade of tuna they used here was probably the cheaper ones and you can really tell by the texture

Creamy Black Pepper Salmon Linguine

I sort of expected linguine with black pepper sauce so this was a surprise. The pasta was well, forgettable and you can’t really taste the salmon. I think it would be better if they just serve the salmon in whole

Slow-cooked Chicken in Red Wine

The chicken was really tender, infused with red wine reduction. I actually quite like this dish for being simple

Apple Crumble

The apple crumble was pretty good. Soft, warm and loose without being too sweet. You will have no problem finishing this. I mean, look, how small this is. ha

Chocolate Ganache

But the chocolate ganache was even better. It’s a beautiful chocolate bar, so thick and creamy with a coffee crumble that gave a contrasting texture to the dessert

I would think Napoleon Food & Wine Bar placed more emphasis as a wine bar, with the food as a secondary attraction. But in general, the food here is decent though I won’t specially go all the way back just to eat. I think for the location being near Amoy, there are actually a lot other restaurants nearby that serve better food. So unless you are in for a drink, you will probably think likewise

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar

206 Telok Ayer Street S(068641)

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