A&W – The Wedding

My third wedding of the year, which was a fun yet very tiring one. The bridesmaids probably had only 2-3 hours of sleep and all of us have to reach the bride’s house by 3am so that we got enough time to prep before the groom comes at 5am. By 6.30am we were half dead, by 9.30am we were damn shag, by 4pm we really wanted to die. hahaha but amidst all the tiredness, I’m glad we had lots of fun ourselves and helped in creating the perfect wedding for the couple 😉

Baby breath for the bridesmaid posies, which was really difficult to separate cos the flowers were so delicate once you pull them, they break

Finally, a bouquet!

Diligently preparing for the gatecrash games (Actually they were all posing for me. lol)

Chilli padi, wasabi, tabasco sauce + chilli tunas (muahaha)

Marshmallow with condensed milk + sugar sprinklers

Not forgetting bitter tea, lemon & lime juice + bread soaked in vinegar (that’s damn gross btw haha)

Smelly and his long lost cousins 🙂

The bride preparing

with the pretty bride!

Okay lets all wait for the groom now

And the moment the horn sounded, it was so loud and long I think they probably woke the whole estate up..

ha. warm up exercises

Probably the best game ever

Okay so 1 hour later..

He finally got the bride 🙂

The super cute ring bearer, flower girl & boy

Just in case why he’s holding a lollipop, cos.. we need to bribe him with a lollipop if not he won’t walk down the aisle and it might cause a jam at the back =/

It was mad rush cos they were having a banquet lunch so there’s like not much time to rest since we had to set up the decoration and all. It was insanely tiring

The white tree is the wishing tree, where guests can write their well wishes and hang it up. So we used that as an alternative to guestbook since there’s no point having so many things for the guests to write

Cocktail reception. The food was probably gone in 15 minutes

Tarts from Delifrance and Macarons, baked by the bride’s friend

A peep into the banquet hall

Hello baby!

Fun w the Photobooth 😀

When the banquet started, we were so tired we just stared at the food for a good 10 minutes

Hot & Cold Combination Platter

Jellyfish w spicy dressing, Roasted duck w plum sauce, Roasted crispy five spice pork belly, Honey baked chicken wing w sesame, Sauteed prawn w chilli vinegar sauce

Braised crab meat and fish maw in superior stock

Deep fried wasabi mayo prawns with mango salsa

Best wasabi prawns ever. The wasabi had so much kick I think I woke up by then. I think I missed out a picture of the fish, but it’s okay, nothing lost there

Braised fish maw, mushroom & xiao bai cai

Stewed pork rib, peking style

Ribs were surprisingly tender

Fried rice

Cream of water chestnut, white fungus with sesame dumpling

In general, the food was normal. There was nothing to rave about. It was pretty disappointing for a hotel like Fullerton. But then again, I was so tired I probably needed a bed more than food at that moment.

The whole wedding ended 2 hours later cos the couple still had tea ceremony. It’s probably the most exhausting wedding I helped out ever but still, it was a really happy one. It’s not easy to find someone you love and also loves you as much. And seeing the both of them, we can feel the love radiating. Have a blessed marriage A&W! 🙂

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