247. Brasserie Gavroche @ Tras Street

Another restaurant on Tras street and I went back to the same area within the same week. haha actually I didn’t know of its existence till one day I casually mentioned its sister restaurant – Cafe Gavroche to my colleague and she told me Brasserie Gavroche serves pretty good French food so here we are, to celebrate J’s birthday. There isn’t much signage so we were doubtful if we were at the right place. haha anyways this place feels and looks like a favourite hangout for the French cos from the servers to the diners, we hear and see many from the same community so we were pretty excited for the food.

The front of the restaurant, which was super misleading. haha

It was very empty when we reached and since we have to wait for the other 2 pax, we ordered some fries + a bottle of wine first to fill our tummy. It was very puzzling to us when the waiter asked if we are going with one portion of fries like huh? Did he expect us to order one portion each? And then later we observed this couple sitting another table had a portion of fries each so thats why..

This bucket of fries was very addictive. We just couldn’t stop. haha I’m not too sure if it’s cos we were too hungry but we had a hard time trying not to gobble the whole bucket down. lol

Warm potato salad w smoked trout & fresh herb cream sauce

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be like your normal potato salad kind. I like how the smoked trout tasted so good with the potatoes. Definitely a plus for this dish.

Shredded duck confit with crashed potatoes gratinated

I have never tasted any better duck confit than this.

So flavourful and tender. Simply wonderful

Salted mediterranean cod with crushed potatoes and olive oil

that comes with a portion of salad

The cod, was really salted. I would say this dish was nothing awesome. Give it a miss.

And we missed their foie gras & steaks 😦 I know right, who goes French without foie gras & steaks. I’m v sad too. hahah maybe next time if I had a chance to go back there again. I would definitely give their beef dish a try!

Lastly for desserts, which was also the birthday cake 😀

Chocolate tart with hazelnut praline

This. was. so. damn. awesome.

Like really, best chocolate tart ever. hahah though I thought their desserts were a lil pricey, but the quality really makes up for it. Sighs, can I have another portion of this please?

Freshly baked madeleine

Post desserts/Pre tea/coffee?

A lil too dry 😦 overexcited for nothing. haha

Happy birthday J! ❤

Honestly, this place is a lil expensive as it is a brasserie and not a bistro but.. it is worth a visit, if you are willing to fork out a lil more. If not, I’ll recommend Shelter in the woods anytime (my favourite French restaurant. hehe) just that it is a lil far. Anyone wants to bring me to try Au Petite Salut? hahaha

Brasserie Gavroche

66 Tras Street, S(079005)

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