246. Sushi Mitsuya @ Tras Street

Sushi Mitsuya. Finally got a chance/occasion to try cos someone cannot stop telling me how awesome it is. So I brought Z there to celebrate her new job! It’s like another upscale japanese restaurant that serves really good sushi, maybe one level below Shinji. I honestly think Shinji is one class of its own. hahaha here at Mitsuya, the chef is more friendly and you don’t feel that stressful eating here.


How the entrance looks like

Menu on a pretty wooden board. We went for the Ichie set cos it was more affordable and since it was our first visit, we want to see how the quality matches up.

Making fresh wasabi using a sharks skin board

we were the first customers, so it felt like we booked the whole place. hahaha just kidding.

Love watching them at work and how they treat each sushi like an art, from the slicing to the rolling to the dipping

Ordered sake and they let us choose the cups to use which was thoughtful and different. Cos each cup brings out different flavour of the same sake due to the thickness of the glass. How interesting isn’t it? We went for the one on the right cos it tastes sweeter & lighter. The one on the left has more of a bitter taste after drinking it.


Seaweed in vinegar

Mixed vegetables in mustard

Fried fish in lettuce

Japanese mackerel



Japanese tiger prawn

Can’t remember what this is but it was so awesome. The rice, the fats & the lean part of the fish together with chopped spring onion in sesame oil. Seriously, I don’t mind another piece.



Maki rolls

Left: Cucumber with plum sauce

Right: Tuna

This is head chef Ryosuke Harada. He’s very friendly, speaks cantonese with his customers (oh yeah he’s a true jap) and offered 2 pieces of tamago desserts for me and Z to try. haha πŸ™‚


Looks like bread right? You will be pleasantly surprised how this dessert tastes like spongecake but it’s made using eggs & prawns. So a-maz-ing.

Prawn balls w kale soup

I really like this soup as compared to the usual miso. Not saying a real good miso isn’t tasty, but this is different yet memorable. The prawn balls are made and hand rolled using fresh prawns so you can taste the distinct sweetness and softness of the meat.

Dessert: Yuzu sorbet w jap white grapes

HMM. Nothing special

My thoughts on Mitsuya: I think I can understand why my friend goes there twice every month. It’s really, really not bad. Of course, you cannot compare them to Shinji as like I said, Shinji is a class of its own. haha but Mitsuya has its own hits and misses as well. And the most important thing, it is more affordable. I would say, I definitely would make a trip back (just not any time soon. hahaha) and try the other sets & also their Shinbun sake. For those who are willing to spend more to have real japanese sushi, you should really consider Mitsuya.

I recommend.


Sushi Mitsuya

60 Tras Street #01-01

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