248. Saigon Lotus (Marina Square)

There’s something new and different about Marina Square. With the addition of The Dining Edition, we can all look forward to having more food places to try out for. And that day, me and Z decided to try this new vietnamese place called Saigon Lotus, tucked away at one corner. The queue wasn’t particularly the longest but the place was pretty full. Anyways we were thankful we got a seat soon so here’s the place! (Please pardon the picture quality since they were taken using the phone. haha)

Appetiser: Fried spring rolls (prawn)

Appetiser came soon enough. I’m always skeptical about ordering fried spring rolls cos I know the benchmark is always the one I had in Da Lat. So I was braving myself for this. Surprisingly, it was very good. Like honestly, really not bad. It’s so much better than Nam Nam! haha

Close up


We had wanted to wait for our main dishes to go along with the spring rolls, but hunger got the better of us and the wait was too long. So we cleaned up the plate in no time. After what seems like forever (we waited like 45 mins for the pho), our pho finally came!!

Pho (Beef slices)

This bowl of awesome goodness tastes like vietnam. I’m so happy to find a bowl of pho that I like. When the server walked past us, the fragrance was so strong that we cannot wait to dig in. haha if only, they had come sooner 😦 This bowl of pho is actually quite a big portion so by the time me and Z finished sharing, we were alr full. It doesn’t help when we had another bowl of vermicelli with grilled pork that got lost in the kitchen.

Rice vermicelli with grilled pork

So when this finally finally came (prob like the last order or sth), we were alr like 3/4 full. Anyways I like how the pork is really fragrant and seasoned well. But I thought it could have been more tender. The noodles go well with the sauce. Please do not eat the noodles plainly. hahah

I like this place. Definitely somewhere I will return if I wanna have real vietnamese cuisine. It beats Nam Nam hands down. My only advice? Please hire more staffs. You cannot have just 3 running the floor + 1 manager + prob 1 chef for the whole entire restaurant. You will just fail badly like Diner Dash.

Saigon Lotus

Marina Square Mall

6 Raffles Boulevard #02-100A/100B

Ended the night with desserts from St Marc cafe. But BLEAH. SO SWEET.

I know desserts are meant to be sweet. But this is diabetic. And besides that, it’s over priced and nothing special.

So thats all folks! 😉

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    Hi Iris, just came across your blog and am impressed by your reviews. I would like to discuss a collaboration with you. Would it be possible for you to drop me a message at your earliest convenience? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you very much.



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