250. Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

Had a date w my mum one day and we were deciding between jap or chinese. The mum chose the latter so here we are, at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant located at Tripleone Somerset. I think the Imperial group always serve fantastic fare so I was pretty excited to try their steamboat since the colleague cannot stop raving about it. I don’t normally frequent Tripleone, so was surprised they had a steady stream of crowd there. I guess many go there for their dim sum as well.

Was still pretty empty cos it was early

Was introduced to this tray of condiments once we sat. Me and my mum stared at them for the longest time ever and was like; since when eating steamboat becomes so complicated? lol. So we did away with them and stuck to the good ol’ soya sauce. FYI: These condiments are chargeable at $2/pax but since we did not use them at all, they waived it for us.

The saucer was actually bigger than what you will expect. And I love how this soya sauce is the one they use for Hong Kong steam fish kind. It is yums. haha

Ordered the traditional pork bone soup base (in which they really place one pork bone inside the soup. lol)

Pig Liver

I know not everyone appreciates intestines. But I really love pig liver, especially the thick and meaty kind. So the one here meets my expectation. πŸ™‚

Four Treasure Balls

Left to right: Pork, Mud Carp, Prawns & Sotong

Red Grouper & Clout fish (I think)

Fish: Freshest ever. And it goes so well with the soya sauce. Best ever.

Just to show how generous they are with their portion

Basket of veggies

And the star of the meal..

Pork shoulder

It takes alot of skill to slice each pork to such thinness. The meat itself was very juicy & sweet so I was pretty impressed.

And since we couldn’t decide if we wanted dim sum or steamboat, we decided to have best of both world. haha so here’s dim sum.

Siew Mai

I guess you can tell how awesome it is from the picture right. lol

Har gao

What distincts a good shrimp dumpling is the translucent & soft, yet not mushy skin + big, fat & juicy prawns

Thats all the food for 2 pax. Not alot right? But we were so full after that. hahah

SO, what do I think of it? I can assure they really use their finest & freshest ingredients. This steamboat is probably the best I ever tasted. It beats the magic of chongqing @ Tanglin + all other steamboat places in Bugis. Air conditioned and excellent service, what can you ask for right? But, it is expensive. And cos I went ala carte, it was even more expensive. I think if you order the set, it will prob be $60/pax (aft gst & service charge). So yes, is it worth it? I would say, this works if you are in a small group like 2 or 3 pax cos you will prob be too lazy to prepare so much work at home. But if you have a big group of people, I don’t see the difference between eating here & the one you prepare yourself. I mean the soup base is probably home made & the ingredients from the market are equally fresh, right? Plus, it is more economical & you are dining at the comfort of your own house. If you are talking about ambience, uh please, steamboat what ambience. So.. I will leave the decision to you! πŸ™‚

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

Tripleone Somerset

111 Somerset Road, #02-21/22/23

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