251. Pizzeria Mozza (Marina Bay Sands)

Mozza is not new, but I never found a chance to try even though I worked in the vicinity. haha so when the cousin suggested Pizzeria Mozza for dinner, I was more than happy to try it. Pizzeria Mozza is probably the cheapest option among all the celebrity restaurants. Of course with Osteria Mozza being just next door, I think Pizzeria definitely provides a more casual & relaxed dining option. 😀

(Please pardon the pictures quality)

An interesting table mat. But after reading the whole extract, I felt lost than ever. lol

Complimentary cheese stick

I thought it was alright only

Prawns w potato & salsa

This antipasti was awesome. I really like the potatoes + salsa combi but I thought it could have come in bigger portions.

Pizza: Bacon, Salami & Fennel Sausage

Damn sinful to the max. hahaha but it’s okay. Once in awhile indulgence. Honestly, the pizza is really good.

Desserts: Banana Gelato Pie w Hot Fudge & Candied Hazelnuts

Drooling? Yeah me too. lol This gelato was really kick ass. If you like banana, you probably like this. And I like how the hazelnuts were so special. Definitely a must for the sweet tooth!

So, if you are thinking of an affordable celebrity restaurant at MBS, you can consider Pizzeria Mozza. It’s really not too bad. 😉

Pizzeria Mozza

Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue

Ending the post with a few instagram updates 🙂

Decided to resume baking


Colleague got this rockmelon pocky from Japan. And it tastes SOO yummy!


OOTD: Dress from smoochsg, sandals from HOH

OOTD: Floral jacket from Mango

Floral embossed velvet jeans from Zara

Clutch from M.A.C & Wedges from Nine West

Dressed to the nines just for phantom. haha

I enjoyed the show very much. Very impressed with the choreo, transition, back drops & costumes. Particularly like the voice of phantom. It was every cent well spent.

Chicken & Turkey Sandwich from O’Coffee Club

I remembered food from coffee club used to taste bad. But this plate of sandwich brought me many surprises to how the standards are so different now. I think it was hilarious me and Z couldn’t believe what we were tasting.

Okay thats it folks!

I’m soo excited I’m flying off to Bali tomorrow. YAAYY.

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