252. No Signboard Seafood (Geylang)

Hellooo. I’m still in Bali haha so this is a scheduled post to give you (my faithful readers) something to read. Anyways back to the topic of seafood, I always thought No Signboard Seafood serves the best chilli crabs in Singapore but I never knew their other styles are so awesome too. This original place in Geylang is supposedly the best, no other franchise could beat it so I was very excited for dinner. We were there early without reservation cos we thought we could easily get a space. But gosh, this place is sure popular with reservations filling almost 90% of the place. So please remember to call if you are coming down.

If you drive, they valet park for you.

So kopitiam kinda style right

They call this sharks fin egg in chinese (direct translation. lol) You take a piece of lettuce and wrap some of the egg in it. Supposedly wonderful cos the egg itself was too salty.

Fish Maw Soup

Nothing special though

Stir Fry Baby Kailan

Nothing special as well. hahah I mean it’s nice..

Braised Sea Cucumber

Crispy Fried Prawns in Har Lok Sauce

The sauce is so good. I asked my family what is har lok in english, they say.. Har Lok =.= so if you are keen to try this dish, you can just ask for crispy fried prawns in har lok sauce.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish

An awesome tail of red grouper 😀

White Pepper Crabs

What’s seafood without crabs right

Black Pepper Crabs

Just to show you how big the meat is

The difference between the white and the black (other than the use of pepper), I would say the black has a heavier and stronger taste. Spicier? Not really. I can take spice alot, so this question is irrelevant to me. haha

Chilli Crab – A clear favourite

I didn’t have a chance to try them cos by the time I wanted to start, they WERE ALL GONE. lol. But seriously, No Signboard chilli crabs, really quite good.

And of course fried mantous a must!!

Dip it with chilli crab sauce, you can just have one mantou after another

Durian Paste w Beancurd

Well, the durian paste was too artificial and sweet, which makes the whole dessert even sweeter. So I really don’t recommend this dish.

So for anyone who’s having some crabs craving right now, I hope my post satisfied you 🙂

No Signboard Seafood

414 Geylang Road S(389392)

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  1. Food Esteem says:

    mantous are never a miss when eating chilli crab!hehehe


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