Joji’s Diner & Bar – Bright & Loud Retro Diner at Stanley Street

Had lunch with a friend at Joji’s Diner bar which was their second outlet at Stanley street. I walked past a few times and was always attracted by the bright and loud exterior. It just screamed America


Well, you really cannot miss it. The skeleton in Christmas theme was food for thought too


Cajun Squid Fritters $11.90
It’s clearly American portion. So much that we couldn’t even finish it. I felt this definitely need a few more people to share though the fritters were decent


Chicken & Waffle $12.90


Cos everyone was eating this. And you can smell it once you walked into the diner. The portion was a little big. The fried chicken was crisp and tender and the waffle was moist, so much that the friend asked why I did not add the maple syrup after I finished eating half the waffle. It was then I realized oh, no wonder I felt something missing. Lol. But yes the waffle was good on its own


Duck on Mash $19.90

Duck Leg Confit, Mashed Potato, Orange Marmalade Sauce, Fresh Greens, Portobello Mushroom

The friend had the duck with a giant amount of mashed potato. The duck was tender and had a nice grilled taste to it


It’s a typical diner with general decent food. They serve an all-day breakfast as well, so for those who feel like brunch during the weekends, perhaps you can drop by too

Joji’s Diner & Bar

3 Stanley St, Singapore 068722

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