Altro Zafferano – Rooftop Italian Restaurant & Alfresco Lounge

Celebrated Christmas with the cousins at Zafferano’s cos they wanted to try the place. I’ve been there previously for lunch many years ago but somehow felt like the place changed quite a bit after they rebranded themselves. The place was pretty crowded for a weeknight dinner and many took to the alfresco lounge for the cityview

Olive Foam, Tuna Cream, Martini Gel

Started off with some amuse bouche which was pretty interesting. I thought it was okay but not exactly impressionable 

Bread to start

Ooh we love the bread. It was delicious, especially so with the tomato dip. They don’t serve it with butter here and yes, they were specific about it. Though the friends did grumble they love their bread with butter. lol

Wild Red Bream Crudo, Tomato, Basil, Frisella Bread $48

This was a refreshing appetiser. If you want something light and not take up too much stomach space, this would be the dish. You could taste the sweetness of the sea bream and I thought it went well with the sauce

Robbins Island Tartare, Oyster Leaf, Orange, Sea Water $32

I thought the beef tartare went nicely with the condiments and the quality of the tartare was pretty good

Aged Acquerello Risotto, Zucchini, Smoked Eel, 20-year Balsamico $38

I took a long time to recall what was this dish when I looked at the photo. I guessed that was how much of an impression it made on me

Housemade Tagliolini, Langoustine Carpaccio, Almafi Lemon Garum, Sea Grapes $48

The tagliolini was definitely a must order. Love the texture of the pasta, the sauce that was evenly coated with each strand and the sea grapes for some crunch
Mediterranean Sea Bass, Caponata Elements $68

A well-cooked sea bass though $68 for such a slender slice was questionable

MBS 8-9 Yugo Wagyu Beef Striploin, Pizzaiola, Blue Foot Mushrooms, Pink Garlic $88

We preferred the beef more to the fish. Cooked well, tender and juicy. It had all the boxes checked for a good quality beef

Palate cleanser

Giffoni Hazelnut, Guanaja Dark Chocolate & Raspberry $18

I liked this hazelnut dessert. It would fit well with any chocolate lover

Almafi Lemon, Pink Pepper, Limoncello $18

If you need something to digest, this dessert would trigger all the senses. All things lemon. It was sour. lol

Apple Tart w Rosemary, Pistachio & Sesame, Tomato & Strawberry

Ending with some petite 4 which was pretty okay as well

I felt that the food here was generally okay. There’s nothing bad about it but it failed to make an impression on me. I would probably need to think long if someone asked me how’s the food here. Also, probably try the set lunch instead. It’s more value-for-money. Ala carte for dinner is definitely more pricey. But if you want to impress a date, then by all means

Altro Zafferano

10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315

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