Sakutto Tempura & Oyster – New Tempura Joint by The Team from Kakiin Oyster Bar

Knew the existence of this place when we were at the whisky bar round the corner so I was quite excited when it finally opened. Managed to grab the friend for dinner so I could finally give this place a try



Tempura sauce and the different condiments


Ankimo in Ponzu $8
Started with the Ankimo. It was smooth and delicious with the ponzu sauce


Botan Prawn marinated with Dassai45 $18
I liked the prawn too. It was sweet and you could taste a slight layer of sake in it


Scallop & Aji Namero w Seaweed $22
This was a dish I feel is a good 下酒菜 lol. Like it’s good to just go together with some alcohol


They would show you what you have ordered for the night. It was alot of seafood. lol


Japanese Sweet Potato $6 (left) Amadai $16 (right)

The sweet potato was alright. We both agree the Amadai was okay but we had better. Lol


Hamaguri $12
The clams were decent. Tender and juicy on the inside


Shirako Tempura $17
The Shirako wasn’t good. It was too milky. The friend finished my piece


Awabi $22

I really liked the abalone. You could still enjoy the tender pieces even though it was deep fried


Maitake Mushroom $7
Ooh we really liked the mushroom especially when you dip in the tempura sauce. The mushroom with the sauce was delicious


Teba Goza $6
I thought the stuffed chicken wings were good too. I liked that it had no bones. Lol


Anago $14
We waited very long for this. This was surprisingly really good. I would order it again


Tencha w Dashi Soup $17


The friend wanted the tencha. I had 2 mouthfuls cos I was so full by then. It was a very comforting bowl of rice with Dashi broth. It’s the kind where you had too much drinks and you need something to sober up. Lol


Matcha Icecream $6
And ending off with some icecream to end the night! Cos I was craving for it

I liked that Sakutto had a good selection of menu and the batter of the tempura I felt was generally decent.  It wasn’t too thick and each piece was deep fried nicely. Waiting time for the food might be a little long at times so be prepared to wait a little. Else, it’s a good joint to visit and I would love to go back again 

And for those interested in their ala carte menu




Sakutto Tempura & Oyster

150 Orchard Road #03-33

Orchard Plaza

Singapore 238841

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