Mizuki – The Place To Go For Tempura Cravings

The friend recommended me to try Mizuki, saying their tempura is worth a try so we made our way down to Ngee Ann City one day. Mizuki has 2 counters, the tempura side and the sushi side and since we were gonna have tempura, we went to the tempura counter



The tempura counter has just 8 seats though there were private rooms available as well


They had changed their lunch menu – for those interested


What was being served that day. We took the Nadeshiko set cos the friend doesn’t like sashimi and seasonal dish


Carrot Mousse with Uni and Botan Ebi


The starter blew me away already. It was so pretty to look at and the flavours just complemented each other very well. I love the sweetness of the carrot with the creaminess of the uni and the crunchiness of the prawns to end the dish


Seaweed with Marinated Cucumber

This doesn’t look much but it actually tasted not bad. It was slightly on the sourish end but yet balanced just enough to get your appetite started


Tiger Prawn

The first piece to every meal is very important cos it dictates how your entire meal will go. I was glad the prawn didn’t disappoint. We started with the prawn head which was gone in seconds before moving to the body where the sweetness of the prawn just came through with the slightly crusted layer


Kisu Fish

Honestly this fish.. was nothing to rave about. Ha. It tasted like a well-executed piece of fried fish


Baby Sardines with Shiso Leaf

Oh, this was good. I liked how you could still taste the shiso leaf in this which gave a refreshing taste


Tile Fish

You could hear the crackling so clearly we were just telling each other, oh, this is so good




Because I was impressed with how they could deep fried the scallops like this, this deserved another shot. It was a very beautifully done piece of scallop



It was a piping hot piece of unagi with the fish meat so smooth. This went very well with the tempura dipping sauce




Pumpkin / Mushrooms

I honestly preferred the pumpkin and mushrooms more to the brinjal. The pumpkin was so nicely done you would have thought you were eating sweet potato. It was so sweet without being overly mashy. The mushrooms tasted like crisp to me. It was delicious


Kakiage with Rice and Miso Soup

We were glad they asked us for the amount of rice we preferred. We requested for the least. lol


This bowl of kakiage was so good I think I could eat this every week. (Everyday might be abit too much). Love the sweet prawns with the thinly coated batter. It was oh-so-satisfying


Ending the meal with warabi mochi

I have to say even the warabi mochi left a good impression on us. The warabi mochi itself was so smooth with the right texture, coupled with an aromatic kinako powder that was equally smooth as well

It was a satisfying meal. Not many places in Singapore can do tempura like this and I thought this place is definitely worth a return. Perhaps I would give their sushi counter a try next time as well


391 Orchard Road

#05 – 32

Singapore 238872

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