Avenue 87 – Reasonably-Priced Lunch Courses at Amoy Street

When I first told the friend about this place, she was like is there Avenue 88 or 89? Ha. This place was on my list to visit when they first started but finally found time to visit recently. Located at Amoy street, The restaurant space is not big and you could see the whole place from the door. But don’t be deceived by its humble interior, give the food a try and you might just change your mind


We were there for lunch and there were 2 options available: 2-course priced $29 or 3-course priced $38. We took one of each and shared the dessert cos we didn’t wanna be too full from lunch


Starting with a welcome drink – 8 treasure tea


Soup of the Day: Artichoke Soup

This was exactly the liquid version of artichoke. It was sweet and packed a punch without being too heavy. It was actually quite enjoyable


Salmon Tartare

Sugar Cane Vinegar, Crystal Pear, Vietnamese Rice Paper


The salmon tartare wasn’t what I expected yet it managed to surprise us. This version of salmon tartare was sweeter, lighter and something different from what we usually had. I felt like it was too good to stop eating once you started


Chicken Roulade

Polenta, Truffle, Mushrooms


You could taste the tenderness of the chicken once you bite into them, complemented with a creamy truffle sauce, though I felt this dish was rather forgettable as compared to the rest


“Duck Rice”

Confit Duck, Yam RIce, Salted Vegetables


Their version of Duck Rice, or maybe we should call it Duck Confit rice. It was also a popular dish as we saw many tables ordering this. The duck was well executed though a little on the saltier side. We liked the yam rice with a deep flavourful braised sauce and the peanuts and salted vegetables to make it slightly localised. I felt this dish in general was on the saltier end but the flavour profile of this was quite mind-lasting


Pandan Panna Cotta

Butter Crumble, Coconut, Palm Sugar Sauce

Wah this tasted like kaya. Ha. Even the servers agree. Quite a nicely done dessert. It made you want another portion of this

The meal ended with another complimentary tea – lotus tea this time which reminded me of winter melon tea. It was just sweet but yet a nice drink to end the meal with

I thought the food was decent in general and the concept and presentation was on point. They also did the portion control quite well so it wasn’t too filling (okay maybe we were small eaters). I could foresee this would be a place I would return, for special occasions or if you just had nowhere to go and I look forward to what new dishes they would bring

Avenue 87

47 Amoy Street, Singapore 069873

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