Ajumma’s @ Funan – It Looks Better Than It Tastes

You know how whenever you walked past Ajumma’s at Funan and there is forever a line? The curiosity got the better of us and we decided to visit one day. And that one day happened in the form where all of us happened to come from a previous engagement that involved food so that makes 4 not-so-hungry people having dinner at 5pm. But the friend who got a ticket at 4.30pm informed us there were 16 groups in front of us. GASP. You gotta be kidding me. 1 hour later, we finally got our table (yay) and decided we shall order one item each. I know, whatever happened to not hungry. lol


Complimentary banchan, which was meh


Sweet-Spicy Fried Chicken & Crispy Toppoki $9.90


This looked very appealing. But sadly the fried chicken was a little tough coated with a thick batter. The fried toppoki was a little better though in all, I think you can give this a miss


Sundubu $14.90


The only saving grace of the night. The stew was so comforting and easy to drink. With a generous amount of ingredients and tofu, it’s one to order if you crave something soupy, Though I have to mention, the prawns stick to the shell :/


Seafood Pancake $13.90

I really didn’t like this. You can tell how thick the batter is. I had 2 mouthful and I was like okay friends you are on your own. lol


Fluffy Steamed Eggs $5.90

This seemed to be a popular dish to order and very instagrammable too. Taste-wise, it tasted like fluffy eggs with lots of sesame oil. Not joking, the sesame oil was so evident.. I wouldn’t say it’s overpowering, just well, nothing special

To be honest, this was a disappointing meal. It made me wonder what was all the hype about. Perhaps prices are considered cheaper in the town area but it’s definitely not worth queuing more than 30 minutes for this. And also, maybe just go with no expectations


Funan Mall

7 North Bridge Road

#B1-31, Singapore 179105

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