Ristorante Luka – Unexpected Find at Tanjong Pagar

It was one of those days where everywhere was fully booked so we ended up at Ristorante Luka. This place has been around for some time, nestled among the row of shops along Tanjong Pagar area. The restaurant houses 2 floors and the second level was much quieter than the first. The cuisine focuses on a fusion of Japanese-Italian fare and we were looking forward to what it can bring us



Luka Uni Egg (2pcs) $13

Marinated Half Boiled Japanese Eggs, Japanese Sea Urchin, Sundried Tomatoes, San Daniele Ham

It’s like eating your Japanese ramen egg without the yolk, yet with a twist. Replaced with everyone’s favourite sea urchin and a little sun-dried tomatoes to give a slightly sweet and tangy flavour. I couldn’t taste much of the ham but I thought this was a pretty decent starter


Sotong $19

Sautéed Squid & Garlic, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Squid Ink Cream

Honestly, this wasn’t what I was expecting. The description of sautéed squid and garlic with spicy tomato sauce in my head should be an image of orangey plate of wok-fried delight. So when this came, it was like oh wow. That being said, the sotong was well-cooked towards the softer end and you can taste a little heat in the squid ink sauce


Meatball $18

Beef Meatball, Tomato Sauce, Gorgonzola Cream, Parmesan

This was a very comforting bowl of meatballs. Nicely marinated and well-cooked with a hearty tomato stew


Baby Corn $12

Deep Fried Baby Corn, Garlic Aioli

We were all surprised by this plate of corns. According to the friends, they don’t really like corns (Why? I love corns!) haha so when they said this was good, it was really good. I thought the highlight was the garlic aioli sauce that went very well with the dish


Mentaiko & Ikura $24

Salmon Roe, Mentaiko Cream, Mascaporne Cheese, Spaghetti


I must say this plate of mentaiko pasta was delicious. It was well-balanced without being too heavy. For fans of mentaiko, you would love this


Prosciutto E Rucola Burrata $32

Mozzarella Cheese, Parma Ham, Arugula, Cherry Tomato, Parmesan, Burrata & Balsamic


The pizza crust was delicious. Love the slightly charred taste and the thickness of the dough was just nice. Of course, not forgetting the generous amount of fillings that came with it


Truffle $25

Mozzarella Cheese, Truffle Cream, Mushroom, Egg & Truffle Oil

I thought the truffle pizza was decent too. You can taste the fragrance of the truffle in every bite you take


Luka’s Tiramisu $10

Ending the meal on a good note, the tiramisu was so good the friend dabao-ed home. It has a strong taste of liquor in it and the cream was smooth and delightful

Ristorante Luka was definitely an unexpected find. For those who wanted something different from your traditional Italian fare, you could give this a try as well

Ristorante Luka

18 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088441

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