Eat 3 Bowls (呷三碗) – For Those Who Miss A Taste of Taiwan

Whenever I passed by this place, there would be a long line streaming out of the door. At first I thought they were queuing for Tolido’s, only to find out they were actually queueing for Eat 3 Bowls. So the curiosity got better of me and I decided to join them in the queue. HA




The shop is modelled after a Taiwanese-style classroom in the 90s which I thought was very cute. And I was impressed with all the little details for the interior. You would be greeted with a chirpy welcome (Taiwanese-style) and after you decided on your order, you can make payment at the cashier


Workbook-inspired menu. Not for copying okay?


Braised Pork Rice Set $8 Taiwanese Sausage $3.80

The set comes with braised pork rice, braised chinese cabbage and egg


The highlight was definitely the rice. It was fragrant, meat so tender and drizzled with right amount of oil. I could have another bowl of this. Blogging about this at night is totally not the right time. The cabbage was very home-cooked style though nothing to shout about but I love the lava egg 


The sausage was also delicious in its own way. Who knew such simple sausage could bring such joy. I really felt like I was in Taiwan enjoying their sausages


Bubble Milk Tea $3.80

The milk tea was really disappointing. It lacked the fragrance of tea and the pearls were too soft in my opinion


Oyster Intestine Mee Sua $6.50

Lava Egg $1.50

Yakult Green Tea $3.80

The yakult green tea was much better. Go for the yakult green tea anytime!


Now back to the mee sua. This bowl of noodles was packed with so much flavour I honestly felt it was better than the famous one in XMD. The noodles was smooth and well-cooked, oysters were fresh and plump, intestines were soft and the broth was balanced with the right amount of vinegar


Wah, it was really delicious


I totally get the long queue after I finished my meal. I felt this place really nailed its authenticity and quality yet made it affordable for those who missed a taste of Taiwan. The portion may be a little small for some but then again, lu rou fan is this kinda size in Taiwan anyway. So for those heading down, just be prepared to wait a little bit

Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗

462 Crawford Lane

#01-61, Singapore 190462

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