Columbus Coffee Co – Visiting Cafes at Upper Thomson

Upper Thomson has no lack of cafes, in fact so much that you will be spoilt for choices. Paid a recent visit to Columbus Coffee to meet a friend for lunch since she was working nearby. The cafe is owned by the same group that operates Atlas, Lunar and Apollo (with that being the most recent one) so without a doubt, we know the coffee will be good


It is a very popular place with crowd streaming in nonstop. They have progressed to a queue system and no more reservations online. And all parties need to be present before you are let in


Flat White $5.40

A nutty, balanced coffee with a nice aroma


Iced Latte $5.90

The iced version was good too, definitely one for the hot weather


Breakfast Steak & Eggs $25.10

Seared Striploin, Organic Sunny Eggs, Red Pesto, Arugula Salad, Herbed Potatoes


Steak & Eggs. Not something very common in cafes. The steak was a little tough to me but I guess for the quality you are paying, you can’t complain too much


Curly Fries $11.80

We love the fries. It reminded us of Macs curly fries. The friend mentioned this was too big a portion. We agreed they could make this a smaller portion and reduce the price


Soft Shell Crab Burger $23.50

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Caramelised Onions, Furikake Egg, Garlic Aioli, Brioche Buns, Fries


I say this burger was pretty good and we saw a number of tables having this. Crispy soft shell crab with a nicely fried egg and a buttered brioche bun. This was pretty yummy


Summer Chicken Stew $19.30

Slow Roasted Chicken Thigh, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots, Sun-dried Tomato Cream Broth, Sourdough

I felt like this stew would be perfect for the cold weather. It was a little on the lighter side but you can still taste the flavourful creamy broth and the chicken was cooked really tender


Earl Grey Caramel Waffles $13.40

Earl Grey Caramel, Strawberries, Vanilla Ice cream


We thought the waffle was really decent but perhaps reduce the amount of sauce. It felt a little too much


Menu for those interested

Cafes are not easy to sustain cos diners get bored easily of the same old cafe food. But given Columbus Coffee has been running for more than 2 years and still serving delectable food, it definitely proved its worth for cafe hoppers and personally I thought the food is not bad

Columbus Coffee Co

220 Upper Thomson Rd,

Thomson Garden Estate

Singapore 574352

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