Beng Who Cooks – There Is Still Room For Improvement

Beng Who Cooks started from a hawker stall then they went on to cook for the needy during Covid and now finally their new restaurant is up and running. So we went there on a weekday night to give it a try and given they just opened recently, there is not much of a crowd


You can go for their 6-course dinner set priced at $60 or choose the ala carte if you just prefer certain dishes. We went for the set, since we wanted to experience the full course


Underlying Balls $12

Marinated Mozzarella Pearls, Serrano Ham, Concasse Cherry Tomatoes, Pesto Sauce


It was a mixed of emotions. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I thought their pesto sauce was delicious but the friend thought it was a little too much

Suggestion: If the mozzarella pearls could be a little softer with a melt-in-the-mouth texture, with a drizzle of the sauce (rather than drenching the entire dish), I think this dish would have won more plus points


Wanton with Caviar $10

Pork’s Wanton, Special Black Vinegar Sauce, Caviar

I was confused by the rave reviews of this dish on IG. I thought the filling was a little dry, wanton skin a little thick towards the end and the friend concluded the whole wanton didn’t come together. I thought the black vinegar sauce was appetising but they could maybe just make it less sour cos it was just too overpowering right now

Suggestion: Replace the caviar with something else. The caviar really did not help this dish in anyway


The Playful Experiment $10

So this 3rd course is a surprise. You don’t know what you will get. And we got a donut with salmon cream filling

I think there was a moment of silence after we ate the dish. And then we were like how ah? What should we feedback? We never knew giving feedback would be so stressful cos they did come around and ask for our feedback after each dish

In my opinion, this dish was strange. Donuts should just be left to sweets and perhaps do it bite-size. Because you are serving a full course, bite size would be much appreciated


3 Times (The Antioxidant) $14

Fried Shallots, Red Onions, Spring Onions & Brown Shimeji, Chanterelle, Brown Cremini

This dish was like a breath of fresh air, after trying the first 3 dishes. HA. The flavours were good and you can taste the onions in the sauce. But perhaps do with a little less salt and everything would be perfect

And then no feedbacks were asked on this dish. We were like.. is it we broke their heart with our opinions? HA


Foie Gras with Purple Sauce $20

Foie Gras, Lemon-grass Blueberries Sauce, Garlic Chips

Moving on the mains which you will get to pick either the foie gras or the crab, we took one of each. I enjoyed the foie gras which was perfectly cooked and the sweet tangy purple sauce which went well with it


Crab’s Well $20

Blue Swimmer Crab, Soy Sauce Ikura, Parmesan Chip, Tomato Soup



Oh, this dish was good. You can taste the sweetness of the crab meat and the burst of the ikura coming together. The surprise was the parmesan chip though I think they can do a little more with the tomato soup


Happy Ending $12

Triple Chocolate Cake with Lime Cream

Lastly, desserts which was a surprise too cos you won’t know what you getting. I thought we could have ended the meal on a good note. But somehow this dinner was a like roller coaster ride, so exciting with ups and downs

I felt like they tried too hard with the dessert. Perhaps they wanted the use of cinnamon in their desserts (cos you know for Christmas) but the base of the cake was too dry and a little hard. Keep the chocolate cream lighter and perhaps use ice cream instead of cream. Sometimes all people need is just a simple chocolate dessert

It was rather difficult to provide honest opinions cos we really didn’t want them to be so disappointed but we thought constructive feedback will help them to do better. I felt like they are still experimenting with dishes so give them some time. I wouldn’t write them off now as I would like to see how much they have improved in months to come. Perhaps, I would return again in the near future

Beng Who Cooks

39 Neil Rd, Singapore 088823

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  1. For a recent hawker stall turned restaurant, the prices sure aren’t friendly.

    From your review and the dishes, I get that they are trying to be creative but some of them don’t really work.


    1. irisslove says:

      Hahaha yeah, hopefully the dishes will be better over time


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