Volk – Serving Grain Bowls & Skewers in Taman Jurong Food Centre

We rarely made a trip to the West because there’s really no reason to. But since we were on our way to Singapore Discovery Centre, we decided to make a stop to Taman Jurong Food Centre for lunch. (I know, for people living in the East, it’s really Journey to the West). This hawker stall is opened by a friend’s friend and she wanted to lend some support and cos #SUPPORTLOCAL you know. This one is probably not your run-of-the-mill hawker stall cos you see people eating curry fish head, lor mee and ban mian as you walk past the tables and there you have, a place that sells skewers and grain bowls in the corner on the 3rd floor


A cute-looking Japanese-inspired stall front


To be honest, this wasn’t just what we ordered. I was so excited by this hawker centre we wanted to order whatever that is popular there (aka whichever stall that has the longest queue. LOL) But for the sake of this post, here’s lunch from Volk


Bacon Tomato $2 Oyster Mushroom $1.20 Chicken Heart $1.50

Sake Clams $9.90


I gave the friend the rein to order whatever she wanted while I went to search for seats. So she came back with this. I like the chicken heart the most. I know, chicken heart. Ha, not for the faint-hearted and clearly not everyone is a fan of internal organs. But I really like Volk’s version. It’s clean, well-marinated and doesn’t taste like heart itself. We joked if someone never give chicken heart a try before, they should try this before knowing what they are eating. The bacon tomato is a good combination for people who find bacon a little too oily yet contrasted by the sweet tomato. The mushrooms, well, tasted normal


Oh, this bowl of clams. If you like sake and clams, give this a try. The friend was telling me she could taste the sake and I was like have meh?? But after awhile, I could taste the sake in the broth itself and the broth was so delicious. The sweetness of the clams with the sake would make you drink it non-stop. And the clams, succulent, fresh & clean. It was really yums


Sous Vide Salmon Bowl $9.90


Topped with seaweed salad, cherry tomatoes, edamame and sweet pineapple with a side of spicy mayo sauce. This is something folks in CBD would be very familiar with cos healthy grain bowls are common there. We swopped out for soba noodles and I say the noodles were really tasty without being too dry. Salmon fillet is cooked sous vide style so it might be little more  rare to some but I thought this whole bowl was pretty decent


Menu for those interested

Setting up a stall like this in a hawker has its risk cos a cuisine like this is more for the young, health-conscious & adventurous. Uncles & aunties need more convincing right? Yet on the other hand it provided a breath of fresh air to the plain old hawker-style food. For those working from home, sometimes cravings might just kick in and you never know hey, there’s one in the vicinity. Furthermore, young hawkers like them wouldn’t mind some form of support so if you are ever wondering what to eat in the West or if you happen to be in Jurong, do check them out (plus other yummy stalls in Taman Jurong Food Centre too)

Volk一 联 串

3 Yung Sheng Road, #03-170

Singapore 618499

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