Live Twice – Japanese-Inspired Bar Serving Sandos

Located next to Humpback, stepping past the door to discover Live Twice is like entering a different era. Wooden doors and a chic-looking bar, it did remind me of Japan with a classy mid-century style. They have a 2-hour time limit so this marked the first part of our bar-hopping for the night



Snapseed 2

Ume Highball $16 (Happy Hour)

Kayuki Ume Spirits, Shiso Leaf, Umeboshi, Soda

Since it was happy hour, this drink proved to be a popular choice (cos I kept hearing the server mentioning its name). An easy drink with a strong hint of umeshu, it definitely lifted up your moods


From Left:

Drops of Dew $25

Michter’s Bournon, Honey Dew Necter, White Wine

Ume Vesper $25

Roku Gin, Kayuki Ume Spirits, Tio Oboe Fino Sherry, Sugar

Snow Flurries $25

Kyro Koskue, Empirical Spirits Fallen Pony, Oolong Tea, Shiraz Reduction

Moving on to second round, the server mentioned its strength of alcohol with the one on the left being the lightest. I took a sip and was like omg you call this light? But after trying Snow Flurries (which was the strongest), okay, I agreed Drops of Dew is the lightest. HA

Yes, the drinks are strong. But surprisingly I enjoyed Snow Flurries the most with its concoction of oolong tea in it. It was surprisingly tasteful and the flavour got better after while

Snapseed 3

Chicken Karaage $12

This was a pretty normal plate of karaage but there was nothing more exciting to order


Ebi & Corn Sando $25


Pork Katsu Sando $34


Beef Katsu Sando $36

We gave all 3 sando a try. The ebi and corn was my favourite. You can taste the succulent prawn meat in it and the corn complemented it well. Pork katsu was a little meh. Beef katsu was slightly chewy, if not it could have been better

This bar is a very pretty place with some pretty strong drinks to serve. We enjoyed its attentive service too, just perhaps, don’t have too much expectations for the food

Live Twice

20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834

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