KYUU By Shunsui – Omakase with Overflowing Ikura

Had my Christmas feast at KYUU By Shunsui this year cos there was once I walked by and I told myself I should give this a try one day. So that one day materialised in the form of Christmas dinner. KYUU by Shunsui is the sister restaurant of Kappo Shunsui (not that I had visited) and focuses on Robotayaki. There were 2 options for dinner and the whole table has to choose the same menu. We went for the Seafood course priced $199 which consisted of Appetiser, Sashimi, 6 Charcoal Grill items, Rice Dish and Dessert. Actually I would appreciate if they have informed beforehand there was a change of menu/special menu rather than giving me a surprise 😡 Oh wells


3 Kinds of Appetiser

 I thought the appetiser was pretty forgettable. If you had asked me now what I was being served, I simply had no idea


Assorted 9 Kinds of Sashimi


The sashimi was pretty decent in general and the presentation was on point


Hiroshima Oyster with Ponzu Sauce

Moving on to the charcoal-grilled dishes, this grilled oyster reminded me of what I had in a market in Kyoto. So fat, plump and juicy though I still prefer fresh oysters anytime. Cos when oysters are overdone, it’s just a dish down the bin


Flat Fish Saikyo-Yaki

Very smooth and fine texture, it melted in the mouth quickly


Tiger Prawn with Mentai Sauce

Very sweet and succulent though I’m not quite a fan of mentai sauce


King Crab with Sudachi Lime & Vinegar

This was probably the best out of all the grilled items. The crab meat was so sweet and thick and it was really enjoyable eating them


Diver Scallop with Butter Soy Sauce

Most disappointing. The scallop was too rubbery for my liking and the sauce was a little too buttery


Unagi Kabayaki with Hon-Wasabi

I was completely full by this stage. The unagi was well-cooked but nothing to shout about. They could have given one inch less cos too much of this can be a little too overwhelming


Rice Dish: Snow Crab, Negitoro, Sea Urchin and Overflowing Ikura

And yes, the highlight


The chef would come to you and start scooping the ikura over the rice. He would stop when you asked him to stop


Honestly, this was a ridiculous amount of ikura. We were like how are we gonna start eating this? lol


The ikura was good. It was sweet and I love how it just popped in your mouth. I had to eat this very slowly cos everything would just keep falling. Portion might be a little big for some cos the dishes took time to come so you might already be full at this stage. And the rice was towards the harder end. It was not the Japanese kind of rice which was disappointing


Homemade Ice cream & Cheesecake

I find the only saving grace on this plate was the cute lil strawberry snowman. Well, the chocolate ice cream was normal and the cheesecake was too heavy for my liking

I’m a little on the fence for this meal. It’s okay but I’m not sure if I would return. There wasn’t any dish that blew me away in particular but the quality of some of the dishes were not bad. I guess I would need to try some more places that do Robotayaki in order to have a fair comparison

KYUU By Shunsui

29 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089136

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