Mad About Sucre – Back with A New Look

When Mad About Sucre announced its closure in February, it came as a shock to many for they are one of the known patisseries in Singapore. 9 months on, they are back with a revamped look, a new menu and they are here to stay for another few years (yay!) A reservation deposit is required when you make your reservations now and that will be debited from your bill on the day of visit. You can’t miss the bright red colour when you walked past the place



Walking through the door, you will be greeted by the Sun room which relates to the warmth and happiness that desserts give you. Moving on to the main dining area which has now refurbished into a squarish setting, the interior gives you a different feel when you look at it from a different point of view. Much of the interior is also made/sourced on their own which shows how much effort has been put into redesigning the place. And of cos, not forgetting the highlight which is the toilet. Because all 3 of them took turns asking us ‘Have you been to the toilet??’ lol. Yes, it looked like you just stepped into teamLab Borderless in Japan, made for instagram





Highlight – The toilet. 😀




Well cos covid so everywhere is scan QR code for menu now


Poached Handpicked Crabmeat, Corn $29

Because that’s the friend’s absolute favourite, she made it a point to order everytime we are there. It’s an old classic that is still well-loved by many


French Foie Gras, Asparagus, Pasta $42

I used to really enjoy this dish, but I felt like it has gotten too oily for me. It’s still good though, especially for those who really love a good piece of foie gras



Handpicked Crabmeat, Blood Cockles, Preserved Lemon, Hot Sauce, Squid-ink Linguine $38

Picked something different this time with their rendition of squid ink linguine. The linguine here is lighter and different from the usual drenched-in-black squid ink sauce. Mixed with a light lemon broth, the result was a refreshing and appetizing plate of linguine though I think they could do more with the hot sauce


Pulled Oxtail, Pasta Shells, Mushrooms $38

Woah, this is damn good. I remembered I said this 3 times. The friends were like okay, since you said it so many times, this must be damn good. HAHA. I love how hearty this whole dish was, the tenderness of the oxtail and a rich sauce that accompanied the well-cooked pasta shells. I would recommend this dish anytime

Moving on to desserts..


Autumn $22 (+ tea)

Lemon, Coconut

Inspired from an old dessert, Coco Citron, the flavours of Autumn comprised of mainly coconut and lemon, on a roasted coconut sable, The highlight was the tiny ladybug which was painstakingly made using chocolate, It’s so cute and tiny that only one of us could have it

Paired with Cambodian, Lemongrass & Pandan tea


Pink Bow $22 (+ tea)

Rhubard, Mixed Berries, Lychee, Light Yoghurt

This was a pretty pretty piece. But somehow I felt this dish didn’t create much of an impression cos the rest of the desserts were more outstanding. I can’t remember much of this after I had the Rosy Finch

Paired with French Rose & Lavender


Rosy Finch $23 (+ tea)

Figs, Caramel, Light Cheese


Using Iranian figs as their main ingredient, the whole dessert was surprising in its own ways. Even the caramel was made by extracting the sweetness of the figs. I think this was my favourite of the lot

Paired with Mangosteen with Vanilla tea


Sepia – Plated Dessert $40  (+ cocktail)

Banana Nutmeg Icecream, Compote, Pecan Soil, Milk Texture

Also something different on the menu this time is the launch of plated desserts. Love the foam-like homemade caramel & banana icecream which was smooth and not overly sweet, on a bed of crunchy nutmeg. Gave the cocktail pairing a try too and it was really strong! Okay I mean, we asked for it but we didn’t expect it to be that strong. HA

Paired with Blood Orange, Cointreau, Whisky, Tia Maria, Cognac, Yuzu


Dark Chocolate with Blood Orange & Peppercorn, White Chocolate with Rosemary

Ending the meal with some chocolates. And nope your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those white chocolates were roasted till no sugar was left and what you get was a pure chocolate in its original form. And I must say I was really impressed with a not-so-sweet white chocolate. The dark chocolate peppercorn was a little funky in my opinion though they did mention the supply of this peppercorn was hard to come by. Would definitely pick the white chocolate anytime!

I’m glad these guys are back. Having been visiting them for the past 5 years, it is somewhere I think the food will not disappoint. And the warmth and surprise is what that will still make us continue to go back

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334

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