Prawn Noodle Bar – Serving Atas Hae Mee at Duxton Hill

Went down to this place at Duxton for lunch that was just opened recently. Prawn Noodle Bar serves well, pretty much prawn-related dishes and the highlight has to be the *drumrolls* prawn noodles. You can opt for the soup or the dry version and with choice of either ramen or la mien as noodles. We did ask what’s the difference. Well, it’s basically Japanese-style ramen or Taiwanese-style la-mien


Such an eye-catching sign 😉

The place actually got pretty crowded after awhile with the lunch crowd streaming in



Har Cheong Gai $13

We got the HCG to share. It was a delectable plate of fried prawn paste chicken with a strong taste of prawn paste

Snapseed 4

Prawn Noodle Soup $21

Grilled Tiger Prawns, Rolled Pork Belly, Bean Sprouts, Pork Lard, Fried Shallots


We actually got both their ramen and la mien to try. To be honest, we felt the difference wasn’t really that contrasting…


To be honest, the broth was good. Filled with umami and a strong taste of garlic and fried shallots, the flavour was sweet and contrasting. Everything was well-executed except they could have given us more soup 😦 It felt like the soup was really not enough. Not sure if the proportion was meant to be as such so that the presentation could look better. If that’s the case, can we have a top-up maybe? I thought the food was decent in general but probably not something you wanna eat everyday

Prawn Noodle Bar

9 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593

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