Kimme Restaurant – Modern Korean Cuisines by Chef Sun Kim [Closed]

Being opened for some time, Kimme Restaurant serves up modern Korean cuisine based on traditional recipes. The place was packed when we visited. There was clearly no case of any virus fear anymore. And given the high turnover in the F&B industry in recent years, it remains quite a feat that Kimme still pulled the heartstrings of its diners


Irish Oysters, Ponzu, Pomelo $32 (Half Doz)

Starting off with some oysters, I like the flavour profile of this. The ponzu and pomelo was refreshing and appetising but perhaps they could use a bigger oyster instead


Korean Seafood Pancake, Pickled Radish $22

Supposedly quite famed for its pancake, we thought the pancake was normal at best. There wasn’t anything special about it and they could certainly do better


Charcoal Grilled Squid, Tobiko, Multigrain $22

The presentation of this dish probably don”t say much but the flavours were spot on. You could taste the slightly charred taste and the texture of the squid was cooked right as well


Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops, Seaweed Cracker $28

Always thought scallops were a little over-rated at restaurants. I mean, they just tasted like scallops lor


King Prawn, Homemade XO, Capellini $32

Really like their take on this capellini. A little heat from their homemade XO sauce with the combination of the succulent prawns


Daily Seasonal Fish, Mushroom Broth, Confit Daikon $32


Fish of the day was snapper. The snapper was really well-cooked and I thought the mushroom broth was delightful as well. For those who prefer something light, this would probably make the checklist


Banana Cream Puff, Caramelized Banana $5/Pc

Strawberry, Yogurt, Basil $14

Date Mille-Feuille, White Chocolate, Truffle Snow $16


I was less impressed by the desserts. Perhaps their mains were more outstanding. I probably will skip the desserts the next time round and leave more stomach for their mains

Overall, I thought the food at Kimme was not bad. There were some hits and misses but I felt like some of the dishes were unique in its own way. If you would somewhere nearby in the CBD, you could probably give this place a try


47 Amoy St, Singapore 069873

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