Origin Grill – Next Steakhouse To Visit

Being located at Shangri-La hotel, Origin Grill seems like the most crowded place in the hotel compound on a weekend evening. The place is as classy as it is and its menu serves an exhausting list of wines. The price list varies as much too. While I decided on which mains to go for, the friend went for the wine and we would strongly recommend the Shangri-La exclusive anytime. That bottle of French red was really good



First up, some bread to start with


Charcoal Roasted Cauliflower w Almond Sauce, Fresh Mints, Almond $16

The cauliflower was unexpectedly good, and huge. I love the sauce with the mint and almond, more than the nicely charred cauliflower itself. Though I think it would be better if it was just a tad warmer. Not sure if the aircon was too strong that night


Sautéed Clams in White Wine, Butter, Parsley $22

A good plate of clams with a sweet buttery taste. They were good, but would probably order something else next time

Snapseed 4

Western Australia Octopus Charred with Smoked Paprika $26

Moroccan Spiced Tomato Jam, Smokey Eggplant Puree, Fava Bean Salad


My favourite of the night! Love the perfectly grilled octopus and the delightful Morcoccan spiced jam. It was so delicious!

To be honest, the appetisers came in generous portions. I was partly full by then


Wagyu Beef Tasting Platter (Good for 2 Pax) $268

Hokkaido Snow Aged Rump A5 (Hokkaido, Japan), Olive Craft Cut A4 (Kagawa, Japan), Kagoshima Wagyu Striploin A4 (Kagoshima, Japan), Snow Aged Full Wagyu Striploin A4 (Niigata, Japan)

Of course, what’s coming here without trying their steaks. They have a long list to choose from but I decided to go for the tasting platter instead. Japanese wagyu can never go wrong, and indeed, this platter was pretty amazing. My favourite was surprisingly the rump. It wasn’t dry or tough but just perfect with the fats. My least favourite was the snow aged striploin cos the fats was just too much to handle. Thankfully they had some sides to go along else I would really have struggled

Well, I’m surprised at the quality Origin Grill has to offer and if they haven’t made it to your top steakhouse list, you should probably give them a try now

Origin Grill

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Lobby Level, Tower Wing

22 Orange Grove Road, S(258350)

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