Yoshi Restaurant – Kaiseki Restaurant Hidden Inside Horse’s Mouth

Decided on an impromptu date with the mum and an impromptu decision on Chope brought us to Yoshi, an intimate restaurant set inside Horse’s Mouth. Yeps, you have to enter through the bar in order to get to Yoshi which is hidden inside. Secret entrance – checked. Chef Yoshi is welcoming. Well most of his staffs are and I enjoyed that which is less intimidating in my opinion. Friendly staffs – checked. The menu has a range of menu; maguro ($158), wagyu ($178), uni ($188) and lastly the omakase ($328) and of course, not forgetting sake pairing to go along


I ordered the wagyu for myself and the maguro for the mum cos since it was our first visit, I wanted to see how the experience will be like. We went for the 4-sake pairing as well instead of the Dassai pairing since they would be using all variety of Dassai and I personally just prefer the 23s


First off – seasonal starter: Sesame Tofu with Crab Meat. A very delicate piece of tofu with strong flavour of sesame


And we have more seasonal starter – Hijiki, Yam, Fried White Fish

Honestly not a fan of hijiki to start with, but the yam was good and the fried fish was amazing. The fish was so delicious the mum asked if we could buy them home :/



Moving on to suimono – feels like a piece of art if you ask me. The soup was clear, sweet and refreshing. The white radish was jelly-like, the piece of white fish so tender and smooth and the broth was appetising with hints of yuzu in it


Wagyu’s menu of Tsukuri. Honestly there was nothing I don’t like in here. Really can’t pick anything to fault on


And here’s Maguro’s menu


Truffle Chawanmushi with Roe

Again, there was nothing to fault on. Incredibly smooth. The egg disappears as soon as it reaches your mouth


And the show of watching chef Yoshi grilling the beef. Everyone was so intrigued


And here’s my grilled slices of beef. HMMM. So delicious


And this piece of grilled fish is probably one of the best I’ve tasted

And so I was watching chef Yoshi preparing the uni dishes for his other guests when he caught me looking at the box of uni. He asked if I like them? I was like sure, I love them! And so..




Additional uni dish for me. HA 🙂


Well, if you know me. I don’t usually finish my rice but I finish the entire bowl of this wagyu don. The wagyu slices are thin and nicely done but I felt like they could have a little more melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture


The maguro don for the mum


Lastly desserts came in the form of melon, strawberry, orange and red bean mochi


And a cup of matcha to end the meal


It was an impromptu meal, like literally deciding hours before but I did enjoy my time here. The chef was humorous as well. Since I went on a Saturday, he told me they are closed on Sunday so he will see me on Monday. LOL. What?! He thinks this one chap chye peng is it? It’s $200 a meal, not $2 you know.. Still in my opinion, I think Yoshi is pretty decent. It’s probably worth checking out if you enjoy this kind of kaiseki experience

Yoshi Restaurant

583 Orchard Road

Forum The Shopping Mall

#B1-39, Singapore 238884

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