Nozomi By Yoshi – Casual Concept by Yoshi at Millenia Walk

When I saw Yoshi launched a casual concept at Millenia Walk, I was excited to give it a try cos I previously had a good experience at Yoshi and would like to see how the more wallet-friendly eatery fares. The restaurant was pretty quiet. I’m not too sure if it’s due to the location being located towards the far end (nearer to Pan Pac) of the Japanese Food Street or like there’s not much crowd at Millenia to start with


Just a few tables being taken at lunch


Contactless ordering is the next IN thing. So you scan the QR code, order online and pay using your credit card


Daily Sashimi Platter $28

Shared a sashimi platter cos the friend wanted more salmon. Didn’t like the white fish cos it had a slight fishy taste but I thought the lean tuna was not bad


Salmon Trio & Ikura Don $28

Salmon Sashimi, Aburi Salmon, Salmon Mentaiko


Yup, the friend really likes salmon. So he had more salmon to go for lunch. To me, it was a rather ordinary salmon don


Oyako Don $16

Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl


I had the oyako don which was well, lets just say it could be better. I felt like the chicken though cooked well could do more of the seasoning and the egg lacks the runniness of how an oyako don should look like. In all, it wasn’t very memorable

Actually I really wanted to try their claypot rice but was told it wasn’t available. So out of curiosity I wanted to ask why it wasn’t available that day but the server (who was new) didn’t understand my question. Sighs, so I gave up

Nozomi means Hope. This concept was born out of the pandemic circumstances to deliver affordable Japanese food, and to bring hope and strength through their food. Well.. I also hope they can do better

Nozomi By Yoshi

9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-06

Singapore 039596

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