The Public Eight – Serving Expensive Fancy Cocktails at National Gallery

I saw this on a friend’s post and I was like that looks so cool! So that began our 1 month wait for drinks at The Public Eight. They take reservations through WhatsApp but the replies can be a little slow at times. This place was actually opened early last year but I guessed there was not much publicity about it and it was only recently that they became so popular. If you look at their IG posts, they will post an update on dates that are still available (which honestly few dates are available) so we were wondering if the place is really small


But in any case, it was full house that evening


Yaki Eihire $12

Grilled Stingray Fin with Mayo Dip

Cos bar snacks. The stingray fin here is a little meatier than your usual izakaya’s. But the thicker version was still pretty good to chew on


Confession $40

Kenzo Estate Rindo 2016, Calvados, Pomegranate, Rose

This is probably their signature drink. Priced at $40 (gulps), it’s honestly expensive and also reminds me of Beauty & The Beast

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 4

I have to admit, it’s quite magical. All you need is Disneyland and some Disney background music

FullSizeRender 5


When all comes to stillness. I must say the drink is quite good


Cos we finished it in 15 minutes! Yah, that’s $40 gone in 15 minutes. lol


Historical Gimlet $28

Suntory Roku Gin, Mancino Bianco, Mancino Secco, Pure Water, Pearl, Green Olive

Moving on to the next IG worthy drink, this reminds me of Harry Potter


FullSizeRender 2

In all honesty, all you need is a blue light. But I say, much effort goes into carving that ice and making the whole presentation work


Mimosa $34 (left)

Kenzo Estate Asatsuyu 2018, Solerno, Mandarin Orange, Sparkling

Our first round: Orange Juice, Barley & Ribena

That was what the server told us. HA. I really liked Mimosa too. It tastes like orange juice yet you can also taste the alcohol in it


Noto Amaebi Kara-age $12

Deep Fried Crispy Noto Peninsula Sweet Shrimps

The deep fried sweet shrimps here are also different from what I usually see. Fatter, juicier and sweeter


Suntory Casked Umeshu $14

Cos the friend said she just wanted a normal drink. So we had the umeshu which was very smooth

FullSizeRender 6


Smokey Rob Roy $28

Laphroaig 10Y, Suntory Kakubin, Mancino Vecchio Mancino Rosso, Valdespino Cream Sherry, Orange

And whisky-based cocktail. Ooh, that smokiness! It was so inviting and strong you can really take your time to sip the drink

FullSizeRender 7


Forever Love $28

Henrick’s Orbium, St Germain, Violet, Japanese Organic Lemon

Another interesting cocktail that tasted sweet and rather strong


I thought the drinks were quite decent. The flavours work and were not too overpowering. But do note that some of the drinks might already be sold out by the time you visit cos this happened on both occasions when the friend was there. Also, they increased the prices cos she was just there a week ago prior to this. Well well, I hope they don’t go up any further. In any case, this is indeed the place to go for date nights or if you just want to impress someone or even perhaps for special occasions!

The Public Eight

National Gallery

1 St.Andrew’s Road, #01-02/03 S(178957)

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