Don Ho – Tropical Themed Restaurant at Keong Saik Serving Mod Australian Cuisine

Recently paid a visit to Don Ho – Social Kitchen & Bar at the friend’s request cos she heard the food was not bad. And since I have never visited this place (even though they has opened for 2 years), I thought why not? I love the tropical setting once you stepped foot inside which gave a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The restaurant was packed on a Friday night and volume can be a little loud with big groups since the tables are pretty close by.




Ahi Tuna Tempura with Goma Wakame, Soy Mustard $20

I was surprised by how good this Tuna Tempura turned out. Love how you can taste the fresh sweet tuna with a layer of deep fried seaweed that’s wrapped around it


Charred Octopus with Ratte Potatoes, Chorizo & Coriander Pesto $20

Another of our favourites – the charred octopus was tender and succulent. I like how they pair it with the spicy chorizo and fried potatoes


Braised Beef Cheeks with Truffled Mash, Gremolata $22

Very tender and flavourful beef cheeks are worth a mention too!


Orzo Pasta with King Mushroom, Truffle Coulis, Slow Cooked Egg, Parmesan $14

A very interesting pasta which we don’t see it often. We were thinking for very long if we ordered risotto or pasta. The pasta was well cooked and infused with the aroma of the truffle. Love the mixture of the yolk to wrap it all up


Milk Pork Belly with Spiced Apple, Chayote Salad, Date Jam $20

Probably not a dish we will go for again, though it was recommended by the servers. The pork belly was however very normal


Sticky Date Pudding with Honeycomb Ice cream, Salted Toffee Sauce $14

We went for 2 desserts even though we were full. The sticky date was really soft but I thought the salted toffee sauce was a little too much


Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice cream, Hazelnut Praline $14

And we all agreed that the chocolate pudding was amazing. Warm chocolate cake that melts in your mouth with the sweet vanilla icecream

Food here is really quite decent. I actually thought the portion was enough too, though it was recommended 3 dishes per person. Well, okay, depends on how big your appetite is I guess. Still, it is a place worth visiting for casual night-out.

Don Ho – Social Kitchen & Bar

1 Keong Saik Road

The Working Capitol Building

Singapore 089109

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