The Bark Cafe – Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Well, not that I have much memories to begin with since I have never been to the place before. The friend was incredulous (that I have never visited before) as well since this place has existed for the longest time ever. Eh, why liddat! It’s located at such an ulu place! Anyway this place is really located away from the hustle and bustle, next to Changi Chapel & Museum but they have probably changed and progressed over time since we spot dart machines & many more fans being installed. It proved to be a popular place despite its location with many families and young students visiting


Today’s Special: Oysters (US) $6 each

It wasn’t my intention to order these oysters but the server came round the second time and told us it was the last 3 pieces left and the friend said up to me. So here they are! To be fair, the oysters were really huge. I like my oysters with lemon so I can just taste the freshness of it and I’m glad they didn’t disappoint


Chicken Wings (3pcs) $8.90

It was termed Famous Chicken Wings. I was glad I only ordered 3 pieces. I wouldn’t say it’s deep fried to perfection but it was probably deep fried so much you can taste the oil in it. I was glad I only ordered 3 pieces


Chicken Satay $13.90

When the friend found out I ordered the satay as well (cos he left the ordering to me and left), he probably already knew I couldn’t finish everything I’ve ordered. HAHA. In any case, the chicken satay on first bite was good. It got really jelat after a few more bites. I recommend just 2 sticks per person


Crayfish Hor Fun $18.90

I got a shock when the hor fun came. The plate was twice my face. Though there was an evident wok hei taste in the hor fun and I did enjoy the hor fun sauce


Chapel Cheesy Hamburger $18.90


The homemade beef patty was disappointing. In fact I wondered why they didn’t ask me for the doneness. The patty was too dry and a little tough for my liking. I ended up leaving half the patty untouched


I thought the food was okay, or at least a little above average. But a good thing to know they close at 1am so for those looking a late night bite, there’s still this place around. But perhaps next time I will just stick to the Asian dishes

The Bark Cafe

1000 Upper Changi Road North

Singapore 507707


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