The Winery Tapas | Bar – Hidden Find at CHIJMES

I came across this place by chance cos we needed somewhere centralised and near my studio so I thought we could give this place a try. I went back a second time with a different group of friends cos the first time left me with a good impression. The second time was somewhat a little different. The friends were late (they were supposed to reach first), our reservation got cancelled so when I arrived I was lost (with what was happening). Granted it was our fault so point here is be punctual. The friends were less than impressed with host’s attitude and honestly I agreed he could be more tactful. It was dinner time yet staffs were few. I wonder why



Trio of Cured Meat $16

Iberico Salchichon, Lomo & Chorizo Cold Cuts

Moving on, started with some trio of cured meat to go along with the wine. I think the nuts were the best so I think I would just go with a side of nuts the next time round


Mushroom Croquetas (2pcs) $6

Breaded Fritters with Mixed Mushrooms, Bechamel Sauce & Garlic Aioli

We really enjoyed the croquettes. It was packed with flavours and the mushroom taste was aromatic


Huevos Estrellados Con Serrano $15

Hot-plate Sunny Side Up w Fried Potatoes & Sliced Ham

I thought this dish tasted somewhat better the first time I ordered. It was still good but somehow it lost its magic


Crispy Baby Squid $16

Fried Baby Squid with Piquillo Aioli

Probably will give this a miss the next time


Crispy Chicken $12

Bite-size Tender Chicken Coated w Chef Spices

A very normal plate of crispy chicken


Roasted Cauliflower $12

Cauliflower w Roasted Caper, Piparras Peppers, Pinenuts & Grated Manchego Cheese

The cauliflower was pretty decent. It’s probably a good alternative to all the meat, carbs and eggs


Prawns Al Ajillo $22

Prawns w Garlic Chilli Oil & Manzanilla

I think the seafood served here is really good. The friends love the prawns so much they ordered a second portion


Pan-Seared Scallops $22

Hokkaido Scallops w Potato Form & Salmon Roe

And did the same with the scallops


Galician Octopus $25

Josper-Grilled Galician Octopus Leg w Crispy Potatoes

The octopus however was pretty disappointing this time round. It was served cold-lukewarm and it honestly didn’t taste fantastic


Baby Lamb Rack $32

Josper Grilled French Baby Lamb Rack

But lamb was pretty decent. Lamb-lovers could give this a try!


Lobster Paella $70

We ordered the lobster paella to share and it came with a whole plate of seafood. I like the doneness of the rice but it was infused with so much lobster broth it might be a little overwhelming for some. Still we managed to finish the entire plate


Lemon Meringue Sundae $12

Deconstructed Lemon Tart w Lemon Cream, Refreshing Lemon Sorbet, Crumble & Meringue


Spanish Torrija $12

Cinnamon Sugar Coated Brioche Bread


Soya Chocolate Delights $10

Soy Milk Dark Chocolate Ice cream w Chocolate Sponge & Caramelised Nuts

Of all 3 desserts, I would recommend the brioche bread but skip the soya chocolate. We were full but we thought the Spanish Torrija tasted the best. Overall I think the food here is still quite decent though I might not be so enthusiastic to come back again. Given its centralised location, I think it’s still an option to consider if you are looking for a place to unwind

The Winery Tapas | Bar

30 Victoria Street, #B1-05


Singapore 187996

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