Sushi Misaki Nobu – Finding Happiness in Bangkok

My stomach is rumbling right now as I reminisce about the dinner I had at Sushi Misaki Nobu, the second branch that is helmed by Chef Nobu located at Bandara Silom Suites. I actually contemplated just walking in without reservations but given there are only 10 seats, I called the restaurant and the staffs confirmed my reservation in broken English. I was half worried if they will mess up my reservation but also looking forward to what dinner will bring.  So I went straight for dinner after I landed in Bangkok (with luggage) and managed to reach the place half an hour earlier. There were some Japanese guests seated who looked like they just started and I was promptly brought to the end of the line. I went for the Premium Omakase Course with 5 Appetizers, 12 Sushi & 1 Roll, 1 Miso Soup & 1 Dessert (THB 6,000++). Well, slowly all the guests filled up the entire restaurant and I was kind of glad I made reservation :/



I love how they pay attention to all the tiny details like this sake cup, which is simply unique and adorable. It makes you happy just drinking from the cup itself

I may have forgotten some of the names of the dishes I’ve eaten so lets just have the pictures do the talking. It was probably snow crab in season as the chef has used snow crab as the ingredient in many of the dishes in his course


Pumpkin from Hokkaido


Monkfish Liver Tempura


Scallops from Hokkaido with Snow Crab Sauce

I really like the scallops. It was succulent and sweet and you can still taste the sweetness of the scallop with the snow crab sauce


Grilled Swordfish with a Happy Egg

Another dish that lights up your mood. To be honest I wasn’t particularly blown away by the appetisers at this stage. I thought it was well, okay


Snow Crab Risotto in Hot Pot

But this snow crab risotto brought up the game. It was delightful and flavourful and I wish I could have another portion of this

And moving on to the sushi dishes, which is always my favourite part of the omakase meal


Chopped Tuna with Salmon Roe




Snow Crab






And there was another Otoro sushi which apparently went into my stomach before I could take a photo of it




Special Dish – Snow Crab Leg

Oh these snow crab legs taste of ocean. It was so juicy though there was quite a strong crab taste in them






Uni, Salmon Roe with Botan Ebi

This is just goodness in a bowl






And the tamago custard was spectacular. It was so so smooth


Green Tea Pudding with Red Tea Jelly

There wasn’t one sushi I didn’t like. In fact, I thought their sushi dishes fare better than their appetisers. I like the doneness of the rice, the warmth and the amount of vinegar that goes into them. Each piece was ‘HMMM this is good’ and ‘OHH this is even better’. lol It was quite an enjoyable meal and I left feeling really happy. The chef even came out when I was leaving to apologise for the lack of hospitality cos they were very busy that night. It felt somehow I wasn’t forgotten which was nice. I’m glad I tried this one out in Bangkok. I hope you will have a good experience there too

鮨みさき伸 Sushi Misaki NOBU

Si Lom, Khwaeng Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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