Kilo Kitchen – Serving Kilo’s Classics at Duxton

I remembered going to Kilo many years back when it was still at Kampong Bugis so I was excited going back to Kilo when it moved to Duxton. Their new outlet was simply chio, emitting a warm ambience in an industrial-themed setting. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded when we reached but the friends were quite annoyed to be assigned to a table for 2 when we had 3 guests. In the end, the re-assignment was slightly better but I felt like they could have done better in the first place



Pan $7

Fermented Potato Focaccia, Confit Garlic & Adobo Dip

We tried their Spanish-inspired dish but I felt like it fell short of expectations. In short, skip this dish


Crab Croquettes w Basil Vinagrette 2 For $8

But I enjoyed their crab croquettes. Love the generous portion of crab meat in a nicely crusted shell with an absolute tasty basil vinagrette

Snapseed 3

Ebiko Pasta w Garlic Prawns $26

I thought their pasta was pretty decent too, especially with the aroma of the nicely done garlic prawns


Grilled Spanish Octopus w Grenaille Potatoes, Nam Jim & Peanut Brittle $40

The octopus was good, the potatoes were even better. I can’t decide which is the star of this dish


Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek w Grilled Leeks, Red Wine, Harissa $52

Snapseed 2

The wagyu beef cheek was spectacular too. The meat was braised to perfection was tender to taste. I thought the grilled leeks were pretty good too, in fact, they didn’t quite taste like leeks to me

Overall, the food was pretty decent. But I felt like service could be improved. Perhaps the staff that was assigned to our area was new so he didn’t realise he need to check before clearing plates. The friend was so irritated to some point she just went ‘We are not done yet!’ lol And also I felt like either the table was too small, or there were too much things on the table such that there was lesser area for the food to be placed. I was just simply waiting for the moment where they serve all our dishes together and realise oh, there’s no space to put the plates down. That being said, I think the food shines enough to warrant a visit

Kilo Kitchen

97 Duxton Road, Singapore 088444

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