Cheek Bistro – One of The Best I’ve Eaten This Year (Closed)

Fans of Cheek by Jowl would be excited to know Cheek Bistro has opened. Led by the same team behind Cheek by Jowl, there was familiarity when you stepped into the restaurant, led by the somewhat similar furnishing of the place and the concept of its Modern Australian fare, though in a more laid-back and casual atmosphere. The friend commented the place feels brighter now and instead of price-fix menu, diners have the options to order more from its new ala carte menu



Oysters (Smoked Tomato) $6/pc

I didn’t know oysters can taste this good. The smokiness and the sweet tangy tomato flavour gave a burst of flavours in the mouth. It was seriously good


Padron Peppers $9

We were in for a shock when this came. Not cos of its portion, but more so it tasted so salty I thought I was eating salt with peppers. So we feedback to the team and then they went radio silence on us. So we thought that’s it. To our surprise, they prepared a second portion for us with visibly less salt this time round and took the first serving back to the kitchen. Cos we were sitting near the kitchen, the friend could see the chefs crowding around and analysing the dish. lol I hope nobody got into trouble


Waffle w Chicken Liver Parfait $6/pc

If there is something you must order, I highly recommend this dish. For fans of parfait, you will love it. For non-fans, you will be surprised at the texture and flavour of the parfait that doesn’t taste like what it seems at all. It’s more cream-like, yet light, sweet and delightful on top a slightly crisp and warm waffle. SO GOOD


I would gladly have 2 of them


Fries w Rosemary Salt $12

It was a plate of very normal fries. Thought the rosemary could be stronger


Burrata w Heirloom Tomato, Fermented Green Chilli $22

It’s never easy to find a good plate of burrata but what I like about this dish was the pairing of the fermented green chilli and fried shallots that gave the fragrance and texture of this dish. It was simply yet delicious


Iberico Pork Chop w Apple, White Turnip, Cavolo Nero $42

Pork that was cooked to perfection with the fats lingering in your mouth. Though I was more in love with the cavolo nero


Confit Duck Leg w Spiced Caramel, Orange, Parsnip $34

I really love this duck dish. It reminded me of an Asian fusion dish with a herbal-like broth. Somewhat different but classy at the same time


Chocolate Tart w Salted Caramel, Hazelnut $18

And a dessert to end the night. The tart was done very well too, with a deep chocolatey flavour and a nutty aftertaste

I really really like Cheek. I thought they served some really good dishes. It felt like a place I can return over and again with its hearty comfort food. Do note they have a cake charge (if you bring a cake) but it can be waived if you order their dessert. It’s probably one of the best places I’ve eaten this year

Cheek Bistro

21 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069620

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